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Baby Boomers take note -- just one drink may be one too many when you get behind the wheel. A simulator study found that even small legal levels of intoxication can affect the driving skills of people 55 to 70 years old. Researchers say the findings show that it could be time to reassess legal blood alcohol levels for all drivers. Source Link


Millions of people who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could take a big step toward improving their lives with a daily walk.  A study found that COPD sufferers had fewer hospitalizations when they walked at least two miles each day. The breathing disorder is the third-leading cause of death and kills over 130,000 Americans every year. Source Link


Not sleeping well these days? Maybe you can blame your gadgets. A company that sells personal fitness trackers says a study of sleep habits among its users found that those who have a laptop or smartphone in the bedroom averaged about 37 minutes less sleep per night. It’s not just adults either, because three out of four children have electronics in the bedroom. Source Link

You might be blaming this winter’s cold and other weather woes for higher food prices this year. Experts say beef and pork prices will continue to climb, drought in California will make lettuce, tomatoes, nuts and grapes more expensive, and bread prices may rise because of a lower supply of winter wheat. Source Link


What does your hand have to do with the health of your knees? A long-term study found that people with a ring finger nearly the same length as the index finger were more likely to have knee replacement surgery. Previous studies have shown that finger size can relate to athletic ability and could identify people whose exercise habits are hard on the knees. Source Link

Don’t waste your money on programs that offer to teach your baby to read. That’s the conclusion from a study that tested the claims of reading programs aimed at children under two years old. Experts say the testing showed that babies cannot gain any reading skills from DVDs, flash cards, or word books. Source Link

Heart disease and cancer are the nation’s top killers, but you might be surprised at what holds the number-three spot. Health experts say Alzheimer’s disease is now the the third-most deadly killer and responsible for as many as a half-million deaths per year. The disorder is fatal when it impairs parts of the brain that control basic functions like breathing and swallowing. Source Link

It isn’t criminals who are fueling drug addiction for millions of Americans. A report says most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them free from friends and relatives. Twice as many people die from prescription drug overdoses as those who die from a heroin overdose. Source Link

A  fashion doll with real-life body dimensions will be ready to go to market soon. A crowd-sourced Internet campaign has raised more than twice the money needed to launch the Lammilly doll. Its creator used national average measurements for a 19-year old woman in the design of the doll, which will go on sale later this year. Source Link

It looks like the wait won’t be so long for the next iteration of the iPhone. Industry watchers now expect the iPhone 6 to be unveiled this summer, and some retailers are already dropping the price of the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 will be offered in two screen sizes to compete with larger smartphone rivals. Source Link


Should Boomers be in line for a vaccination to prevent a painful illness that’s linked to chicken pox? Health experts say everyone in their 50s or older should consider having a shingles vaccination. Most people who get shingles are older than 50 because the virus can remain dormant in the body for years before being activated again. Source Link

Would you love the thought of waking up to the smell of bacon frying? Now there’s an app for that. Oscar Meyer has created an iPhone app that works with a special attachment to spray the fragrance of bacon when your alarm goes off. If bacon isn’t your thing, there’s another smartphone gadget that sprays the smell of butter as part of a mobile game about popcorn. Source Link

There’s a new warning about soothing your baby to sleep with a sound machine. Testing found that the machines, which play natural sounds or white noise to ease a baby into sleep, have volume levels that could damage an infant’s hearing. Parents are advised to keep the volume low, and place the machines well away from their baby's crib. Source Link


Could a ham and cheese sandwich be as bad as a cigarette for your health? A long-term study found that that eating a diet rich in animal proteins during middle age makes you four times more likely to die of cancer, or about the same risk as smoking. Research shows that a low-protein diet in middle age is useful for preventing cancer and overall mortality. Source Link

You should think twice before clicking on a web ad on your smartphone. A new report says bogus ads are now the number-one way that malware infects mobile devices. Experts say you should avoid clicking ads on mobile devices and never download an app from anyplace but legitimate sites like the Apple store or Google Play. Source Link

It isn’t just clean hands that should be touching you during your visit to the doctor. A study found that stethoscopes are often covered in germs and used from patient to patient without cleaning. Experts say you should ask your doctor or nurse if they’ve washed their hands and cleaned their stethoscope before any examination begins. Source Link


Most kids have the occasional bad dream, but frequent nightmares could be a warning sign for parents. Researchers say children who have scary dreams or night terrors regularly over a long period of time could be at higher risk for mental illness, such as hallucinations, interrupted thoughts, or delusions by the time they are teenagers. Source Link 


Tablet computer sales are surging, but the company that started it all no longer sells the most. A new report says Android devices accounted for six out of ten tablets sold worldwide in 2013, with most of that growth from inexpensive no-name models. The Apple iPad accounted for about 25 percent of tablets sold, with Samsung holding 18 percent of the market and Amazon at just 5 percent. Source Link