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The sweet spot for good fitness may not be as sweaty as we thought. A study found that middle-aged women who did vigorous exercise two or three times a week were less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke than those who exercised more often. Even everyday activities such as gardening and walking were associated with significantly lower risks. Source Link

YouTube is going G-rated with a new app for younger viewers. YouTube Kids for Android devices will contain only family-friendly content and parents can turn the search function on and off. The app also has a timer feature to limit viewing time for young users. Source Link

Need a little help to overcome the urge to eat that extra doughnut or curb your smartphone screen time? The Kitchen Safe can help. The $49 hard plastic container the size of a small wastebasket features a time lock on its lid that can be set for minutes, hours, or days, and what goes in won’t come out until the time is up. Source Link

Beating that peanut allergy could be as simple as slapping on a patch. Testing is underway using patches that help the body build immunity to the peanut allergy. The treatment wouldn’t make people peanut eaters but could prevent dangerous reactions from exposure to trace amounts of peanuts found in many processed foods. Source Link

If there’s a smartphone in your pocket, you may not need that fitness tracker on your wrist. A study found when it comes to wellness, wearable trackers may not be as reliable or easy to use as smartphone apps. Some fitness trackers could be highly inaccurate, providing low readings that might discourage people or higher readings that promote bad habits like overeating. Source Link

The View-Master has been re-imagined for the Millennial generation by combining the the 20th Century viewer and photo reels with your smartphone. Google and Mattel have teamed up to design the new View-Master that will hold a smartphone to add a virtual reality effect and new vistas. The new View-Master will debut this fall at a price of $30. Source Link

In online dating, your virtual name might be the key to finding love. A study says having a screen name that starts with a letter in the first half of the alphabet might boost your chances for romance. Search engines sort names alphabetically and studies show some measures of personal success are associated with a name that appears early in the ABCs. Source Link

The long-awaited Apple iWatch might be losing by a hair when it comes to offering a popular feature. Reports say the smart watch is unable to monitor heart rate like an EKG does because stray arm hairs confound the readings. Apple is said to have ordered up to 6 million iWatches that will go on sale this Spring. Source Link

They certainly have the chops for it, but what can a beaver’s bite teach us about preventing cavities? Scientists say more iron in the enamel of a beaver tooth makes it stronger. That could lead researchers to new treatments that are better than fluoride to protect human teeth against cavities. Source Link

The sooner that menopause symptoms start, the longer they might last. That’s among the findings in a study showing the average woman experiences hot flashes for over seven years. But when those menopause symptoms start earlier in age, women may suffer through the night sweats and sudden heat waves for up to 14 years. Source Link

Don’t expect to see your Amazon orders arriving by drone any time soon. New proposed government rules would ban commercial drone flights unless the tiny aircraft is within eyesight of the operator. The new rules would allow anyone to be licensed to use a drone for business purposes after taking a written test and passing a security check. Source Link

Your dog knows when you turn that frown upside down and vice versa, too. A study found that dogs could recognize smiles and frowns on people. Dog lovers might think otherwise, but researchers say it's still unclear whether dogs can understand the emotions behind people's facial expressions. Source Link

What can make up for a day of sitting? How about an hour of exercise? Research shows that exercise has a more powerful effect in helping the heart than sitting does in harming it, so one hour of physical exercise could counteract the effects of sitting for six to seven hours a day. Too much sitting has been linked to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Source Link

The difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon is making sick kids even sicker. Parents are twice as likely to make a dosage mistake when children’s medicine uses teaspoons and tablespoons for measurement. Doctors can switch to milliliter dosing and most pharmacies will provide oral syringes for accurate measurements. Source Link

So who’s more talkative -- men or women? It may depend on the setting. Researchers who followed test subjects say that women were slightly more talkative in social settings like a lunchroom, but much more likely to engage in long conversations in academic settings when in smaller groups. Men did the most talking in large groups. Source Link

Are you ready for an iCar? Apple reportedly has a secret project in the works that aims to develop an electric car that would look like a minivan and be branded as an Apple product. The design team includes people who have created concept cars for the Big Three American automakers. Source Link

You might be able measure another benefit to drinking red wine every time you step on the scale. A study found that acids in red wine have the power to delay the growth of fat cells and slow the development of new ones. But before you pop another cork, researchers say you could get the same benefit simply by eating red grapes. Source Link

Bumper-to-bumper traffic may be the death of you, but maybe not the way you think. A study found that as much as a quarter of your exposure to dangerous air pollutants occurs in the time you spend stopped at intersections. Air pollution is considered one of the top 10 biggest risks to human health and is linked to liver damage and cancer. Source Link