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It isn’t just clean hands that should be touching you during your visit to the doctor. A study found that stethoscopes are often covered in germs and used from patient to patient without cleaning. Experts say you should ask your doctor or nurse if they’ve washed their hands and cleaned their stethoscope before any examination begins. Source Link


Most kids have the occasional bad dream, but frequent nightmares could be a warning sign for parents. Researchers say children who have scary dreams or night terrors regularly over a long period of time could be at higher risk for mental illness, such as hallucinations, interrupted thoughts, or delusions by the time they are teenagers. Source Link 


Tablet computer sales are surging, but the company that started it all no longer sells the most. A new report says Android devices accounted for six out of ten tablets sold worldwide in 2013, with most of that growth from inexpensive no-name models. The Apple iPad accounted for about 25 percent of tablets sold, with Samsung holding 18 percent of the market and Amazon at just 5 percent. Source Link

Could flu prevention be as simple as you slapping on a patch? In a test, people were able to properly apply a skin patch that delivers the flu vaccine. Experts say using a flu vaccine patch would be more convenient than going in for a shot and could save money while increasing vaccination rates. Source Link

 The old adage of “eating for two” is a dangerous myth for pregnant women and their babies. Researchers say gaining too much weight during pregnancy could lead to long-term weight problems, as well as premature delivery. Pregnant women should add no more than 300 calories a day, and overweight or obese women should add even less. Source Link

 If you’re looking for a straight answer from someone, ask them in the morning. A study found that people were more likely to lie or cheat in the afternoon. Experts say our moral compass is more accurate in the morning because the brain is rested after a night’s sleep. Source Link

 A  little weight loss may make a big difference in better sleep for millions of people. A new study found that people with sleep apnea who lost an average of 11 pounds had significantly less disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue. Sleep apnea can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and type-2 diabetes. Source Link 
The Internet is now used and loved by almost all Americans. A new survey found that 87 percent of people go online, and two-thirds of them use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Nine out of ten say the Internet is a good thing and about half say they’d be hard-pressed to give up their online habits. Source Link


If lack of brushing is a bad habit for you, there’s a new toothbrush that will keep you on-track for good dental hygiene. The Oral-B Smart Series electronic toothbrush works with a smartphone app to track brushing time and technique, and whether you flossed or rinsed. The smart toothbrush will go on sale later this year at a price of $365. Source Link