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Obesity is known to run in a family, but don’t just look to your mother or father for clues about your risk. Having an obese older sibling may raise the risk more than fivefold for a younger child, whether or not the parents are obese. Researchers say that’s because children often model their behavior on that of their older siblings. Source Link 


The home phone is becoming an endangered species. The Centers For Disease Control says their recent telephone survey found that 41-percent of American households used only wireless telephone service. The highest concentration of wireless-only households were found in the Midwest and the lowest in the Northeast. Source Link 


July is National Ice Cream Month -- are you doing your part to keep this $10 billion a year industry from melting away? Those annual sales amount to 10 quarts of ice cream for every man, woman and child in the U.S. Ice cream is an old school product; many sellers are family-owned businesses that have been in operation for more than 50 years. Source Link


Kids whose lives are overscheduled may end up as adults who lack the skills to manage their world. A study found that the more time children spent in structured activities, the less they were able to use thinking skills like planning, problem-solving, and making decisions. Kids with more free time were better at so-called executive functions. Source Link 


Could using more screens mean less distraction while multi-tasking? That’s the theory being put to the test by people who move email or social networking off their main computer screen and onto a nearby tablet. Experts say it’s similar to spreading out your paperwork on a real desktop to visually organize multiple tasks. Source Link 


A big night on the town could lead to a big hangover on your belt. A survey found that those who went a binge drinking blitz consumed an average of 6,300 extra calories in 24 hours. About one-quarter of that was from the drinks, and the rest from additional food eaten that night and the following day. Source Link


Removing your left shoe when you get in the car with your baby on-board could prevent a tragedy. Place the shoe next to the baby carrier and you’ll always remember to check the back seat. Nearly 1 in 4 parents of a child younger than 3 admits to forgetting their child in a car, and more than a dozen children have died in the U.S. this year after being left in a hot vehicle. Source Link 


All those online electronic devices in your home that never sleep carry a huge power bill for the world. A new report says $80 billion in energy is wasted annually, or the equivalent of 200 coal-fired power plants. Printers, modems, computers and game consoles can be unplugged when not in use, or attached to power strips that shut down automatically to save electricity. Source Link 


If you don’t like to be alone with your thoughts, you’re not alone. A study found that most participants of all ages didn’t like spending even short periods of time alone in a room with nothing to do but think or daydream. Without training in meditation or thought-control techniques, experts say most people always want to have something to do. Source Link


Women who use drug treatments to help become pregnant might not need to worry about raising their risk of cancer. A large study has found that fertility drugs don’t appear to increase a woman's long-term risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. Fertility drugs increase levels of hormones that have been associated with women's cancers. Source Link 


Many of America’s Baby Boomers may not be able to afford the nursing home care needed as they age. Experts say more than two-thirds of older men and women are overweight or obese, which leads to more chronic illnesses. But the generation also has fewer children, so there’s less family to provide for long-term care in the future. Source Link


Biggest isn’t best in the minds and mouths of America’s burger lovers. A Consumer Reports survey found that McDonald’s finished last among places to buy a fast-food hamburger, while In-And-Out Burger and Five Guys were at the top of the list. The top-rated fast-casual restaurant was Chipotle. Source Link


Diabetics may be able to skip some shots and take a deep breath instead. The FDA has approved the first inhaled medicine for the blood sugar disease. The new treatment option is for patients who require mealtime insulin injections and would work in combination with long-acting insulin for Type 1 diabetes and pills for those with Type 2 diabetes. Source Link   


More of Man’s Best Friends may be unwelcome in your home by your insurance company. It’s not just pit bulls either; a survey of major insurers found that German Shepherds, Great Danes and Huskies are often blacklisted because of the risk of dog bites. Even mixed breeds can lead to cancellation of a home insurance policy. Source Link


The apps on your smartphone can do more than map your summer vacation. Roadtrip MixTape creates 15-minute Spotify playlists based on the most popular artists in places as you pass through. The iExit app details all services available at every exit on the Interstate Highway system, and Roadtrippers shows you unusual attractions complete with mileage and accommodations. Source Link


Americans love their smartphones more than sweet treats, a stiff drink, or even that cup of morning joe. A new survey found that people would give up chocolate, alcohol, or even coffee before they would part with their smartphone. Nearly half of those surveyed said they could not do without their phone for even one day. Source Link 


With summer sports practices coming soon, experts are recommending a new strategy to keeping young athletes safe from heat stroke. Trainers are being advised to cool the victim first, then transport for medical care. Heat stroke deaths continue to rise every year and are the leading cause of death and disability among high school athletes. Source Link 


The rocket’s red glare with bombs bursting in air isn’t the only summertime threat to your hearing. Fireworks, construction and outdoor concerts bring excessive noise that can lead to permanent hearing damage. Experts say it’s a good idea to keep a pair of earplugs handy in your pocket or purse to protect your hearing whenever noise threatens. Source Link