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If you suffer from allergies, that’s a good reason to start your spring cleaning now. Experts say thoroughly cleaning your home can help eliminate allergens and keep new ones from easily entering. That’s important because indoor allergens can cause the sneezin’ season to last all year long. Source Link


New research is confirming suspicions that a high-fat diet may increase the risk of breast cancer. A large study found that women who ate the most saturated fat were about 30 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. Researchers think the high-fat intake raises the levels of the body's own estrogen, which can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. Source Link


Tired of seeing Facebook posts or photos that directly ask you to “like” or “share” them? Well, relief is on the way. Facebook has changed its settings to detect such items and make them less likely to appear in your news feed. So-called “like-bait” posts generate lots of complaints from Facebook users. Source Link


A flaw in the software that keeps many websites secure may mean some extra work for you. The Heartbleed bug can make websites vulnerable to hackers who could see private information like account numbers and passwords. Experts say it’s probably a good idea to change website passwords to avoid any risk to your information. Source Link


There’s a good reason why nap time has been a scheduled part of the preschool day. Researchers say testing shows that naps play a crucial role in helping young children remember things they've just learned. Naps helped to improve language and memory skills in children as young as infants. Source Link


Irregular menstrual periods could be more than just an inconvenience. Women with irregular cycles may have more than double the risk of ovarian cancer. Researchers say it could be a warning sign for women that prompts better screening for ovarian cancer, which has no other risk factors in nine out of ten cases. Source Link


Some might think that babysitting the grandkids would drive them crazy, but in fact, the opposite may be true. A study found that taking care of grandkids one day a week helps keep grandmothers mentally sharp. But caring for grandchildren five days a week or more had some negative effects on tests of mental sharpness. Source Link


You can add some pregnant women to the list of people who can benefit from a daily aspirin regimen. A government health panel says women at risk for preeclampsia should take a low-dose aspirin every day after their first trimester. Preeclampsia is one of the more common causes of serious health problems for both the expectant mother and their baby. Source Link


If you like to use Facebook Messaging on your smartphone, you’ll soon need a separate app for that. The social network says it will remove messaging from the regular Facebook mobile application. The Facebook Messenger app has been available for some time, but many users still send and receive messages through Facebook. Source Link


Keeping your hands on the wheel doesn’t make it safer to be talking on the phone while driving. The National Safety Council says a review of over two dozen studies found that using a hands-free device while driving is no safer than using a handheld phone because both are a distraction. Hands-free calling while driving is legal in all 50 states. Source Link


It could be more evidence of unexpected side effects from drinking diet soda. A study found that postmenopausal women who had at least two diet drinks per day were more likely to suffer heart attacks and to die from cardiovascular disease. Researchers say it’s not clear yet if diet soda causes the problem, or if the lifestyle of diet soda drinkers is to blame. Source Link


The couple that tweets together may stay together. A study found that couples who were heavy individual users of Twitter experienced more conflict in their romantic relationships that could lead to infidelity and breakups. One solution was to use a joint account, or simply cut back on social media activity. Source Link


There’s a warning for households that use e-cigarettes. Health officials have seen hundreds of accidental poisonings each month from liquid nicotine that’s used to refill the electronic devices. The nicotine is dangerous to drink and may also cause an overdose if spilled on the skin. Source Link


Does the early bird get the slimmer waist, too? A study found that people who were exposed to sunlight early in the day tended to weigh less. Experts say morning sunlight might affect hormones that influence appetite and help set the proper body rhythms for better sleep and a healthy metabolism to keep weight in-check. Source Link


It turns out that dogs may have a nose for their owners. Researchers found that dogs could identify the scent of a person who lives in the home when that person wasn’t present. The reaction to the personal scent triggered the reward area in the dog’s brain, just like a familiar perfume or cologne can trigger a reaction in humans. Source Link


Intensive early childhood education makes for better adults. That’s the takeaway from a 40-year study that placed infants from low-income families in a special day-long program with nutritious meals and a focus on language building and brain stimulation. The children grew up to be less likely to smoke or do drugs, and less likely become teen parents or engage in criminal activity. Source Link


Apple iPhone fans should mark their calendars for early Fall and get ready to choose between a bigger and the biggest new model of their favorite smartphone. Reports say manufacturing is underway on two new iPhone models with screens measuring 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The dual debut is expected sometime in September. Source Link


Just in time for spring allergy season, there’s a new easier way to take your medicine to keep those symptoms in-check. The FDA has approved an under-the-tongue pill to treat  hay fever caused by certain grass pollens. The prescription once-a-day tablet is designed to be used throughout the allergy season. Source Link