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You can dial-up a clearer mind when you set the thermostat at home. A study found that you think best when the room is at an air temperature that makes you feel the most comfortable. Researchers believe that working in a comfortable temperature slows the use of energy required to do mental tasks. Source Link 


Young adults with private student loans may want to keep a close eye on the physical and financial health of their co-signers. Officials say lenders will often require the entire loan to be paid immediately if a co-signer dies or declares bankruptcy. The so-called auto-defaults can occur even if the borrower has been keeping up with payments.  Source Link  


Baby Boomers and older are all-in when it comes to the smartphone. A majority of Americans over age 55 now own smartphones, according to a new survey. It’s the last age group to ditch the feature phone in favor of the smartphone, which is now the choice of 85 percent of people who are shopping to replace their cellphone. Source Link


Teens who don’t get enough sleep are at-risk for more than just poor grades. A study found that teenagers who skimp on sleep are more likely to report feeling hopeless, and to smoke, drink alcohol and use marijuana. The typical teen in the study slept only six hours a night. Source Link 


If you like your Netflix fix, the price for the streaming video service is going up. The company says it will soon raise the price by one or two dollars a month for new subscribers. Current Netflix subscribers who pay $7.99 a month won’t see the price increase until sometime next year. Source Link 


Religious music can bring real peace of mind to older Christians. In a new study, researchers said listening to religious music, especially gospel music, decreased anxiety about death and increased a sense of control. The findings were the same regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status. Source Link  


Could Man’s Best Friend also be the best addition to a family with an autistic child? A study found that children with autism may find the unconditional love of the family dog a real help. The advantages of having a dog include companionship, stress relief and giving children with autism opportunities to learn responsibility and helping to interact with others. Source Link


Alternative medicine means different things to different people in America, often depending on where they live. A new government report says people on the West Coast are faithful followers of yoga and meditation, while Midwesterners turn to chiropractors for their aches and pains. And one in five people uses herbal supplements for medicinal purposes. Source Link


Some say it’s the biggest legal battle over the future of television viewing since the dawn of the VCR. The U.S. Supreme Court has heard arguments over whether the Aereo online service should continue. Aereo uses tiny antennas to bring over-air TV channels to subscribers. TV stations say it’s an illegal use of their signal and could spell the end of free broadcasting. Source Link


When it comes to wearable tech, some day it may be, “so long Google Glass” and “hello Google Contact Lens.” The company has patented a design for a contact lens that includes a microcamera. Unlike the Google Glass web device that runs by way of voice commands,  the Google contact lens system would take its commands through a series of eye blinks. Source Link 


Just like there’s no free lunch, you may not save with those free samples from the doctor’s office. A study found that patients who took free samples of brand-name drugs went on to pay more than twice as much for their prescriptions, compared to people who didn’t get free samples and used generic drugs instead. Source Link  


A little crunch in your food may make a difference in how that meal looks on your waist. A study found that foods with a crunchy texture were thought to be higher in calories and people ate less. When eating soft foods, people were less concerned about the calorie count and ate more. Source Link


If Apple has its way, the next version of the iPhone will cost you more. Reports say the company wants to raise the price by $100, meaning at least a $299 out-of-pocket cost for iPhones purchased with a 2-year service contract. Apple is making the price hike request as part of negotiations with U.S. carriers who will offer the new phone when it debuts this fall. Source Link


Keeping your sweetie in sweets might just be the recipe for a happy marriage. A study found that lower blood glucose levels predicted more aggression toward spouses. Researchers say when glucose levels are low, people have more difficulty controlling their attention, regulating their emotions, and overriding their aggressive impulses. Source Link


If you have an Easter lily in the house, be sure to keep your cat away from it. The FDA warns that lillies are a poison threat to your feline friends. By just eating a couple of leaves from the plant or licking a few pollen grains off their fur, cats can suffer acute kidney failure within a very short period of time. Source Link


America’s biggest carriers and manufacturers have agreed to equip new cellphones with anti-theft technology. Phones that go on sale after July 2015 could be remotely rendered inoperable to prevent the device from being reactivated without the owner’s permission. The feature could help deter phone theft, which is one of the top crimes in many cities. Source Link 


Helping your daughter to eat more fruits and vegetables could have an important health benefit in adulthood. Girls who ate red, orange or dark green fruits and vegetables were less likely to get benign breast disease. A natural ingredient found in these fruits and vegetables are believed to have antioxidant properties that may guard against disease. Source Link 


If you’re starting a family and hoping for a boy or for a girl, there’s a new app that claims to help you get the gender you want. Stork Diet prescribes a nine-week diet that suggests foods rich in the appropriate nutrients to conceive a boy or a girl. It’s based on research showing that women who ate more calories, sodium, and calcium were more likely to have boys. Source Link