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Facebook wants to be your new digital checkbook. The Facebook Messenger app now lets you make a payment to another Facebook user when the two of you register your debit cards. But unlike Apple or Google, Facebook says it has no plans to offer its payment service for use in stores. Source Link

Will a diet soda habit now mean a bigger waist size later? A study found that people who drank diet soda had larger waist measurements than those who didn’t drink artificially-sweetened beverages. That’s a concern because abdominal fat has been linked to increased cardiovascular disease, inflammation and Type 2 diabetes. Source Link

Your nose knows how to get a good night’s sleep. Experts say fresh-smelling sheets can help ease you into slumberland. If you don’t want to launder your bedding more often to keep that fresh smell, you can use a spray fabric freshener on your sheets and pillows. Source Link

The IRS says you may want to hang up on the next revenue agent who calls claiming that you owe money. Fake IRS agents have targeted more than 366,000 people with harassing phone calls demanding payments and threatening jail. The scam has claimed victims in almost every state. Source Link

Those extra pounds in pregnancy could show up on the scale for your child. A new study found that gaining too much weight during pregnancy may put children at increased risk for obesity. Health experts say 25 to 35 pounds is considered a normal weight gain during pregnancy. Source Link

Don’t look for a Internet Explorer icon on the next version of Windows. Microsoft is retiring the name when a new web browser debuts with Windows 10 later this year. Internet Explorer was once the most popular web browser but has been surpassed by Google Chrome, which is used on more mobile devices. Source Link

How can you train your brain to be happier? Experts suggest listing three things you are thankful for each day and then expecting things to get better. Optimism can make you happier  and studies show people are happier in old age because they remembered the good and forgot the bad. Source Link

The dawn of the Apple Watch could jump-start a new stick-free era for diabetics. The smartwatch is the latest device that promises to monitor blood sugar levels without finger pricks and test strips. Other device makers are already on the market with continuous blood glucose monitors that work with smartphones. Source Link

Being glued to your smartphone screen could take a toll on your looks. Health experts say the head-down posture causes extra wear on muscles and skin and may lead to a wrinkly neck. Besides risking an early double chin, being hunched over a smartphone for long periods can also damage your cervical spine. Source Link

People facing a fine for not having health insurance in 2014 are getting a last chance to sign-up and avoid the penalty. Enrollments have reopened at for those whose tax refunds are being reduced to pay the fine. It’s estimated that about 4 million people will pay at least a $325 penalty for being uninsured. Source Link

If a shot can work to zap those wrinkles and frown lines, why not double chins too? A new injection targets fat cells in the neck area and is ideal for a younger person with a milder double chin. The new treatment is awaiting final FDA approval and could be available before the end of the year. Source Link

The average wedding is getting smaller while the bills for it are getting bigger. The latest survey found the typical tab for a wedding is just over $31,000 with the average number of guests dropping to 136. Four out of ten couples say they busted their wedding budget and one-quarter admit they didn’t have a spending plan for the big day. Source Link

Skimping on shuteye each night could mean more than bags under your eyes. A study found that for every hour of sleep you miss, you eat about 200 extra calories the next day. The biggest effect was found in people who tried to make up for days of lost sleep by catching-up on the weekends. Source Link

There are calls to silence a new version of the Barbie doll that will talk with a child. The $75 “Hello Barbie” uses a WiFi connection to analyze the speech of a child and offer an answer from a list of pre-programmed phrases. Some privacy advocates are concerned that the child’s recorded conversations will not be protected. Source Link

Most people would like to pay less in taxes, but there are some reasons why Americans would pay more to Uncle Sam. A survey found that 40-percent of younger people would pay more taxes for free education. Seniors say they’d pay more to fix roads and bridges, and 20-percent would boost their tax bill for free universal health care. Source Link

More Americans are watching TV that doesn’t come from a cable or a satellite dish. A new report says 40-percent of homes are now using a streaming video service, and nearly all are Netflix subscribers. About 13-percent have an Amazon Prime membership and six-percent use Hulu Plus. Source Link

Some health experts are saying hormone therapy for menopause symptoms may not be as risky as once thought. A comprehensive review of prior studies found that hormone therapy doesn't increase the risk of death from heart attack, stroke or cancer. Women have been cautioned about the health risks of hormone therapy for nearly a decade. Source Link

St. Patrick’s Day means big parties, but you may want to avoid large events if you plan to stay sober. A study found that the bigger the group of drinkers, the more each person consumed. The group effect on drinking was more likely to be seen in men than in women. Source Link