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Make sure your mobile manners are at their best when you’re in a business meeting. A new survey of business professionals found that the use of a smartphone in a meeting can be bad news for career advancement. Even during an informal business lunch, one in five thought it was rude to have a mobile device out.Source Link

Letting your thumbs do the talking may not be the best way to stay in touch with the one you love. A study found that too much texting can create disconnects in committed relationships. For men, more texting isn’t better and women don’t want text messages to work out differences or make decisions, but both like texts that express affection.Source Link  

A happy marriage may depend on the wife being able to calm down after a heated argument. A new study looked at how couples recovered after a disagreement and found that a woman’s ability to manage emotions was a key to long-term happiness. On the other hand, a man who moves too quickly to problem-solving can be an issue for a wife.Source Link


It sounds like familiarity breeds better listening, or maybe none at all. A study involving middle-aged couples found that we’re better able to pick out the voice of our spouse in a crowd. On the other hand, people can more easily tune out that familiar voice when trying to hearing someone else talking.Source Link 


Good dental hygiene may be a hedge against Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say the bacteria that causes gum disease has been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. The oral bacteria which could damage brain tissue can enter the bloodstream during chewing. About two out of three older Americans have moderate or severe gum disease.Source Link


In order to grow their language skills, toddlers need to be part of the conversation. A new study found that talking directly to young children helps them process language better and build their vocabulary. Simply overhearing words doesn’t improve speech processing skills as well as when talking directly with the child.Source Link


There are new concerns about cancer risks associated with some e-cigarettes. Researchers say some larger models of e-cigarettes get so hot that they can produce carcinogens such as formaldehyde. The FDA is considering new rules to regulate e-cigarettes, which are being touted as a cancer-free alternative to smoking tobacco. Source Link


Having our babies on-board doesn't prevent us from chatting-up our friends. A study found that parents driving with their children in the car are just as likely to use cellphones as other drivers. Two-thirds of the parents said they had used cellphones while driving with their child, and 15 percent said they had texted while driving with their child. Source Link


Does the price of your meal make the food taste better? A study found that people who ate the same item but paid a different price said it tasted better when it was more expensive. But researchers said the higher or lower pricing did not make a difference in how much people ate. Source Link

For two decades, health experts have been advising parents to put babies to sleep on their backs to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. But a new survey found that one-third of parents still aren’t getting the message. SIDS is the number-one cause of death for babies under the age of one. Source Link


Millions of Americans could soon have a new tool to combat their sleep apnea. Regulators have approved the first implant designed to treat the condition in which breathing stops during sleep. The device is implanted like a heart pacemaker and stimulates a nerve to keep breathing at a regular pace. Source Link


America’s pediatricians have a message for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers -- turn off the TV. A survey found that many young children are watching too much television every day. Children between the ages of two and five should only be watching TV for two hours a day, and TV viewing is not recommended for children under the age of two. Source Link

Your baby’s brain power makes it possible to begin learning well before their first birthday. A study found that infants as young as 9 months old can use pictures to learn about an object and later recognize the real thing. Researchers say babies are capable of learning about the real world indirectly from picture books with realistic images. Source Link 


Want to stay healthy? You can start by grabbing the vacuum cleaner. A study found that even routine tasks like housework or pushing a shopping cart can dramatically reduce your risk of becoming disabled. People who spent more than four hours a day doing light physical activity had more than a 30 percent reduction in their risk for developing a disability. Source Link 


The world’s biggest Internet store may want to add smartphones to its list of branded products. Photos have surfaced of an Amazon smartphone that could be coming to market. Reports say the phone could include a “Prime Data” package for free or discounted wireless data service. Source Link


If you’re a mom-to-be, don’t forget to bring along dad when you have that baby ultrasound. A survey showed that seeing the first ultrasound images of their unborn babies helps fathers bond with their children. Researchers say viewing the ultrasound reassured the men and also prompted them to think deeply on their roles as fathers. Source Link 


You can get the creative juices flowing by putting one foot in front of the other. A study found that creative thinking improves while a person is walking and shortly thereafter.  Environment was not a factor because the improvement was seen whether people walked indoors or outdoors. Source Link 


It’s a losing battle against the legalise, but you may be surprised about what you agree to in the terms of service for many major websites. A study found that major social media sites often can reuse or resell your pictures, videos and writings without your permission.The typical terms of service agreement has thousands of words written for college-level comprehension. Source Link