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Experts are warning of a new wave of scams involving phony debt collectors. The calls could involve real debt, and you can find out by asking for a validation notice showing details. And remember that a real collector will never verify a debt over the phone using part of your Social Security number.  Source Link

Hyperactive kids may need the freedom to fidget in order to learn. A study of children with ADHD found that they could perform better on tests while shifting in their seats, tapping their feet and swinging their legs. One solution could be to allow ADHD students to sit on exercise balls during class. Source Link

Saving the Earth can start in the shower and the car. Water conservation is as easy as taking shorter showers and turning off the water while you brush your teeth. Transportation accounts for one-third of our contribution to climate change, so try to consolidate trips and drive less. Source Link

Mom and Dad continue to be financing much of the Millennial generation. A survey found that 40-percent of America’s 18-to-34 year-olds get financial help from their parents, including 20-percent of those who have a partner or a spouse. Student loan debt and slow job growth are among the reasons why Millennials are less financially independent. Source Link

A government health panel says women in their 40s should make their own decisions about getting a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. The guidelines recommend mammograms every two years beginning at age 50. The American Cancer Society and many doctors still recommend annual breast cancer screenings starting at age 40. Source Link

Could plain water be a true diet drink? Experts say drinking cold water can speed metabolism within 10 minutes and help to burn calories for up to 40 minutes. A person who drank an extra one-and-a-half liters of water per day could burn off five pounds of weight a year without any additional exercise. Source Link

More teenagers are now using electronic cigarettes rather than the real thing. A new report says e-cigarette use among middle and high school students tripled in one year with 2.5 million teens now vaping. Critics say e-cigarette makers are marketing to teens with free samples and offering products with fruit and candy flavors. Source Link

A clean home can lead to a happier life for senior citizens. A study found the exercise it takes to get housework done helped people feel emotionally and physically better. It’s not just chores for healthy seniors, because those who participated had at least one chronic illness and some physical limitations. Source Link

Facebook may be making it easier for people to avoid mispronouncing a tricky name. The social network is testing a feature that lets you create a pronunciation guide for your name as part of your profile. The guide would include a written phonetic pronunciation and an audio clip that says your name. Source Link

Snoring can do more than keep someone else awake. Experts now think breathing problems like sleep apnea that cause snoring may affect the brain and lead to memory problems and even dementia. It’s estimated that up to half of older men are snorers. Source Link

Long lines of first-day buyers have been a standard feature in every launch of a new Apple product, but those who want an Apple Watch won’t be able to get one in the store when it debuts on Friday. Because of high demand, Apple says the new smartwatch will only be sold online through the month of May. Source Link

It’s a dieter’s dream and an inspiration too -- an app that can show what you’ll look like after losing those extra pounds. The “Visualize You” app transforms a facial photo into a slimmed-down version of you at your target weight. The app can also show someone what they’d look like with an additional 20 pounds. Source Link

Could there be a silver lining to those extra pounds on the scale? A new study suggests that people who are overweight or obese in middle age may be less likely to develop dementia. But researchers caution that you may not live long enough to enjoy the benefit because obesity carries other health risks that can shorten your life. Source Link

Three little words could help you find your missing Android smartphone. Now you can type the words “find my phone” into a Google search box on any computer and your phone’s GPS will be used to locate it on a map. You can also trigger the phone to ring, lock it down or wipe the phone’s memory if you think it’s been stolen. Source Link

Parents who wonder why their child isn’t interested in school may find the answer in the mirror. A study involving identical twins found that as much as half of a child's motivation to learn is based on genetics. But that doesn’t doom a child to poor grades, because creating a positive environment for learning can make a difference. Source Link

If you have a car with keyless entry, you may want to keep the fob in your freezer when the vehicle is parked outside. Authorities say thieves are using devices that can amplify the signal from a keyless fob to open a car door and steal items. Putting the fob in your freezer will block it from transmitting a signal to open the door. Source Link

The old myth that smoking helps you stay slim is keeping more women from kicking the habit. Women who believe smoking helps control weight were less likely to try quitting. Research shows that heavy smokers are more likely to be overweight than those who smoke less. Source Link

Texting might be a full-time job for the average college student, according to a new survey. The young adults said they send an average of 100 texts a day and some check their phones for messages up to 16 times an hour. Some admit that they text while in the shower, on a date, or even at a funeral. Source Link