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Can an apple on grocery day keep the junk food away?  A study found that eating an apple just before grocery shopping encouraged people to buy healthier foods. Experts say eating something healthy puts you in a better frame of mind to select healthier foods while grocery shopping. Source Link

Turning off the calls and text messages can turn teens into much safer drivers. Testing showed that using a device to block calls and texts when a car was running resulted in 80-percent less risky driving. Parents can do the same thing with smartphone apps and similar devices that are commercially available. Source Link

Working moms continue to shoulder more of the household chores that dads do. A new survey found that mothers spend nearly twice the time on chores per day as do working fathers. That could change some day, because millennial men are more likely to take on housework and child care duties. Source Link

Driving while dehydrated could be as dangerous as driving drunk. Researchers found that people who didn’t drink fluids while on long drives made twice the errors behind the wheel. Experts say brain function slows down to conserve energy when you’re dehydrated and that can affect your driving.  Source Link

Is the tablet taking a tumble on the must-have list for tech lovers? Apple reports that iPad sales have dropped by 25-percent. The company says the world’s top-selling tablet is being squeezed between buyers who choose bigger phablet phones or who opt for an ultra-lightweight laptop with more features than a tablet. Source Link

If you want to impress your next boss with that resume, skip the TImes New Roman font. Design experts say using the default typeface shows you don’t put much thought into what you’re presenting. A better choice might be Helvetica or Garamond to set you apart from other applicants. Source Link

About half of older adults say they take a daily aspirin to reduce the risk of a heart attack, but many of them shouldn’t. Health experts say the risks of taking aspirin, including ulcers and internal bleeding, are only outweighed if someone has had a heart attack or has major risk factors for heart disease. Source Link

There’s new scientific evidence that reading to young children may help to make them better readers. When researchers used MRI scanning while pre-schoolers listened to stories, they saw increased blood flow to parts of the brain that help with understanding the meaning of language and visualization. Source Link

It’s getting easier to go face-to-face with your Facebook friends when you’re mobile. The Facebook Messenger app now includes free video calling that can be used on WiFi and with cellular data connections. The service is available to Android and iOS users in the U.S. and 17 other countries. Source Link

There’s new evidence that it’s never too late to stop smoking. A study found that quitting after your 60th birthday can significantly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers say kicking the habit can potentially add years to your life, even when you stop smoking in your senior years. Source Link

Don’t use the car seat or baby swing as a spot for your child to sleep. That’s the message from experts who say carrying devices and swings are not designed to help babies sleep safely. There’s a risk of suffocation and death if an infant leans against straps or if their head tilts forward too long while sleeping. Source Link

Getting that song to stop playing in your head could be as simple as popping a stick of gum. A study found that chewing gum can help to stop what’s called “last song syndrome.” Up to 90-percent of the population experiences so-called “earworms” and for some people the tiresome tune can play for days. Source Link

The smartphone has made its way into the crib. One-third of parents surveyed say their one-year olds have used a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. By age 2, most kids had used mobile devices, often to calm or entertain themselves while parents were busy. Source Link

Most Americans miss the mark trying to figure out when they will retire. Only one in 10 workers say they’ll retire before age 60, but over one-third stop working by that time, and only 6-percent stay in the workforce until age 70. Sixty percent of premature retirees had to quit working because of health issues or a disability. Source Link

You might enjoy the best sleep of the week tonight. A study using data from a popular sleep tracking app found that Wednesday was the night that people slept the best. Most people grabbed some extra shut-eye on Saturday morning, but also struggled to get to sleep on Sunday night after later bedtimes on Friday and Saturday. Source Link

If spring allergies are bothering you, start your battle to breathe easier in the bedroom. Keep your sleeping area allergen-free by washing blankets and sheets on a weekly basis, put pillows in the dryer at a very hot setting. Also use an allergy-proof cover that completely contains your mattress and box spring. Source Link

Google is making it easier to see everything you’ve ever searched for on the web. You can go to to download a complete archive of your Google searches. You can also use the same page to cover your tracks and delete some or all of your Google search history. Source Link

Is love between dog and man the real thing? A study found that when dogs and people stared into each other’s eyes, the dogs produced oxytocin, a natural substance known as “the love hormone.”  Humans had the same chemical reaction, but much stronger than the dogs. Source Link