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The old adage may be true that we think better on our feet. A study found that students who used stand-up desks were more engaged in their classwork. And there could be another bonus, because students who used the stand-up desks burned more calories throughout the school day. Source Link

Want to eat better? Try making a list before you go grocery shopping. A study found that people who made a grocery list had healthier weights than those who purchased food without a plan. Researchers say planning your purchases could help you filter out the in-store marketing that pushes snack items and junk food. Source Link

If you enter a baby pool to guess the day and time of delivery, here’s a tip -- pick a Tuesday morning. A review of American birth records found that more babies are delivered between 8 a.m. and Noon, with the most on Tuesdays, followed by Mondays. Experts say that’s likely because more C-section deliveries are being scheduled. Source Link

When willpower won’t help in an effort to eat right, try a CAN-do attitude. Experts say making healthy foods convenient, attractive and normal in your home will make it more likely you’ll eat better. That could be as simple as keeping fresh fruit on the kitchen counter and storing junk food in hard-to-reach cabinets or out of the kitchen completely. Source Link

Does your unborn baby answer the call every time your cell phone rings? A study found that fetuses were startled by the sound of their mother’s ringing phone. Researchers say you may want to keep the phone in a purse instead of a pocket that’s near the baby. Source Link

Once upon a time, new parents consulted a book to find a baby name. Now it’s something you can Google, and the search engine has been tracking those inquiries. Google says the most-searched boy names in America are Michael, James and Avery. For girls, it’s Elizabeth, Olivia and Emma. Source Link

Foods that contain good bacteria might help you avoid those seasonal sniffles. A review of prior research showed that probiotics may be helpful to people with seasonal allergies. It’s believed that when probiotics change the balance of bacteria in the intestines, they also protect the immune system from reacting to allergens. Source Link

All sugar may not be the same when it comes to boosting your appetite. Researchers found that people wanted to eat more high-calorie foods when they had a drink containing fructose. Some critics say the use of high fructose corn syrup in foods has been one cause for America’s obesity problem. Source Link

If you procrastinate about saving for retirement or starting a college fund for your kids, here’s a trick to beat it. A study showed that people planned to start saving four times sooner when they thought of the coming event in days instead of years. Counting the time in days made people feel more connected to their future selves. Source Link

If your job is mostly sedentary, try to “take two,” as in take two minutes to stand up and walk around. A study found that people who got up and moved around for at least two minutes every hour had a 33 percent lower risk of dying. Researchers say there’s not enough evidence yet to show whether standing on the job is better for you. Source Link 

So which businesses have taken the hardest hit from the digital revolution? New U.S. Census data shows that the number of newsstands has dropped by half in 15 years, while video rental stores declined by 85-percent. The biggest loser was the one-hour photo shop, where 94-percent have closed since 1998. Source Link

What’s the secret to living to be 100 years old? A survey of centenarians found that being around loved ones, laughing and having a sense of humor were tops on the list, followed by a positive attitude. And don't focus on age, because the typical 100-year old said they didn’t start to feel old until they were in their 80s. Source Link

Making healthy options for kid’s meals the default choice can pay off for children and restaurant owners. A study of one chain found that nearly half of their kid’s meals were served with fruit, vegetables or salads when healthy side orders replaced french fries and soda on the kid’s menu, and sales increased. Source Link

Here’s a silver lining to having a job that can make your head hurt -- if it challenges your brain, it  may help to protect you from memory loss later in life. A study found that people who had careers with more speaking, developing strategies, conflict resolution and managerial tasks experienced less mental decline on old age. Source Link

Get ready for luggage that tells you where it is. Samsonite and Samsung are developing a line of luggage that will use GPS tracking and a smartphone app to show you it’s location. The smart luggage will also check itself using microchip technology and would even alert you when your bag has been opened. Source Link

When planning for your family’s summer vacation, be sure to include the right car seat for kids. Studies show that three out of four car seats are used improperly, and seat belts alone are not designed for anyone shorter than 5 feet. And don’t let younger ones call shotgun, because kids under 13 should not be a front-seat passenger. Source Link

There’s a new non-surgical treatment that could melt away that double chin. The FDA has approved the drug Kybella that’s used as an injection to destroy fat cells under the chin. But before you think that a shot could get rid of all your fat, regulators say the drug has only been approved for use on double chins. Source Link

It’s a high-tech twist on the old carnival game “Guess My Age.” Microsoft researchers have adapted face detection software to guess a person’s age by analyzing a photo. Creators say it’s not perfect, but you can try it for yourself for free at the website Source Link