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It’s round and holds your food, and it could be key to keeping you from overeating. Health experts say using a plate for everything you eat including snacks can help prevent mindless eating and extra calories. Using smaller plates can also help you eat less because it takes less food to make the plate look full. Source Link

Parents of children with asthma need to be on the lookout for another allergic health risk. A study found that sensitivity to peanuts is common among children with asthma and the allergic reaction can mirror an asthma attack. Children with asthma that’s difficult to control should be tested for peanut allergy. Source Link

Texting behind the wheel is just the start of what some drivers are doing with their smartphones. A new survey found that nearly 4-in-10 smartphone users tap into social media while driving, while 3-in-10 surf the net. One in ten admit to using video chat while driving, and 17-percent say they shoot selfies while behind the wheel. Source Link

You’ve heard of a heart-healthy diet, but what about one that’s good for your brain? A study found that adding more olive oil or nuts to a Mediterranean diet may help keep your mind sharper as you age. The Mediterranean diet that’s been linked to better heart health is rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains and low in red meat. Source Link

Osteoporosis isn’t just a women’s disease and health experts say older men should be screened for the bone-thinning condition. Men are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis than women, but the effects can be worse for them. More than one in ten men over 50 will have a bone fracture related to osteoporosis. Source Link

It’s not good news for our ability to focus -- in the time it takes to read this, your mind has probably wandered. Scientists using brain scans found that the average attention span is down to 8 seconds. They say you can blame that in part on the rise of smartphones and an avalanche of information that comes with them. Source Link

It could be a four-legged prescription for better health.  A new report says dog owners are more likely to have lower blood pressure and get the recommended two-and-a-half hours of exercise per week, often by walking their dog. Owning a dog can also have psychological benefits, such as reducing loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression. Source Link

An outbreak of bird flu may be scrambling prices for eggs and other foods at the supermarket. Farmers in over a dozen states are being forced to destroy millions of poultry affected by the flu that does not threaten humans. In addition to eggs, the outbreak has cut into stocks for turkey and chicken. Source Link

There’s new advice for parents who are looking for educational apps for their kids. Don’t settle for something that keeps their attention simply by swiping the screen or has lots of bells and whistles. And look for apps that encourage social interaction via discussion, competition, or conversation. Source Link

It doesn’t take a miracle drug to help you get some sleep when you’re in the hospital. A study found that a one milligram dose of over-the-counter melatonin did the trick for most people. Others used a simple eye mask or earplugs to get their shut-eye in one of the worst places to sleep. Source Link

So how do you find something tasty and healthy in the vending machine? Get a little nutty for starts. Bags of peanuts or almonds will provide some healthy fats and protein, and look for trail mix with nuts and dried fruit. Granola bars are a good choice and plain popcorn is a whole grain snack that’s packed with fiber and antioxidants. Source Link

In ten years, schoolteachers shouldn’t expect to have classes full of kids with similar names. Experts who’ve looked at the latest Social Security list of new baby names say millennial parents aren’t flocking to popular ones like their parents did. The top names in 2014, Noah and Emma, accounted for only one-percent of babies each. Source Link

We’ve all heard of seasonal allergies, but how about seasonal diseases? Scientists have discovered that genes which trigger inflammation can be more active in winter. That could account for why arthritis can be worse in wintertime and may also affect people with heart disease or even mental illness. Source Link

In families where both spouses work, new dads may be in denial about how much more they do at home after the baby arrives. A study found that new mothers logged about two more hours of housework daily, compared to dads who added 40 minutes. But fathers thought they were doing about four hours of housework per day. Source Link

Nearly two out of three Americans now own smartphones, but how do we use them besides making calls and sending texts? A new survey found that people use mobile devices for a wide range of life events. The most common uses were following news, looking up health information, online banking and checking real estate listings. Source Link

Does parental love blind us to the reality of childhood obesity? A study of overweight children found that nine out of ten parents said their son or daughter was about the right weight. Researchers say parents with accurate perceptions of their children's weight are more likely to implement changes that could lead to weight reduction. Source Link

Cell phone users are learning what car buyers have known for years -- buying a used late model can save you money without sacrificing performance. Used versions of flagship models like the iPhone 6 can cost 20-percent less and let you avoid signing a contract for service, which saves money on your monthly bill. Source Link 

Here’s another reason for men to schedule a visit to the dentist. A study found that treating gum gum disease helped with prostate problems. Researchers say the inflammation associated with gum disease can have an adverse effect on the prostate, but conditions improved after dental treatment. Source Link