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When it comes to sunscreen protection, those big SPF numbers don’t always add up. Consumer Reports says less than half of sunscreen products they tested this year live up to their label claims. Spending more didn’t ensure better quality, as some private label brands from Target and Walmart got high marks along with expensive name-brand sunscreens. Source Link


Reducing your waistline can be good for your heart at any age. A six-decade study found that people who lost weight at any age during adulthood saw long-term benefits in cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. This was true even if they regained the weight later. Source Link

Dads who defy some gender-based roles at home may raise daughters who aim higher in life. A study found that fathers who perform household chores are more likely to bring up daughters who break out of the mold of traditionally female jobs. The research showed that girls grow up with broader career goals when domestic duties are shared by both parents. Source Link


Experts have some advice if you’re heading to the pool to cool-off this summer -- swim, but don’t swallow. Even a well-maintained pool can have bacteria lurking in the water that could cause gastrointestinal illnesses. The worst spots are kiddie wading pools with warm, shallow water and kids in poor-fitting swim diapers. Source Link 


It sounds like advice that Mom would give you, but a new campaign is stressing a good night’s sleep as one of the pillars of better health. Just like good nutrition and exercise, sleep is a key component, and catching up on the weekends won’t help. A typical adult needs at least seven hours a night, and setting a regular bedtime is the first step to getting more shuteye. Source Link 


In a world of cars that can drive themselves, who needs things like a steering wheel or a brake pedal? A new high-tech self-driving car from Google does away with those manual controls. The test vehicles could be on the road this year in California, but Google says it has no plans to market its own self-driving car. Source Link


The families of tomorrow may include fewer children but with parents who are better off financially. That’s because birth records show that four times as many women are waiting until their mid-30s to start a family than did a generation ago. The downside is that waiting brings a higher risk of health complications in pregnancy and more infertility issues. Source Link


Do you want to know about baggage fees and special seat charges upfront when you look for the best airfare price? Government regulators think you should. They’re proposing new rules to require such fee disclosures in price listings whether you buy a ticket in-person, on the phone or online, in order to avoid surprises after you’ve purchased that airfare. Source Link


Is it convenience or just a bit too creepy? A new Facebook feature can identify what TV show you’re watching or music you’re listening to by using the microphone on your smartphone. Facebook says the feature is optional and can help users quickly share their viewing or listening preferences with other friends on the social network. Source Link


What does a blue dinosaur have to do with privacy on the Internet? That’s the cartoon mascot in a new program to remind Facebook users to check their privacy settings when posting to the social network. Facebook is reminding users when their posts are going public for all the world to see, and a privacy settings check-up will soon be available for everyone. Source Link


Using an electronic cigarette may help you stop smoking the real thing. A British study found that smokers who used e-cigarettes to kick the habit were 60-percent more successful that those who used nicotine patches or gum. The vapor from an e-cigarette contains nicotine but not tobacco smoke, and researchers say that reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Source Link


Keeping the peace with your family could mean a longer life. A study found that people who argue often with spouses and children had up to three times the risk of dying in middle age. It’s believed that higher levels of stress hormones and increased blood pressure from conflicts are factors in raising the risk for early death. Source Link


Can lots of exercise be bad for you? New studies have shown that intense workouts can raise the risk of death in older people with heart disease and may put young people at-risk for heart problems later in life. Experts say moderate exercise programs offer the best health benefits for everyone. Source Link


Picking up a musical instrument could do your brain some good. Researchers say tests showed that just 30 minutes of musical training led to increased blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain. That part of the brain processes music and language. Source Link


Pregnant women may want to be more mindful about safe driving when they’re behind the wheel. A study found that accident rates jumped for women in their second trimester of pregnancy. Researchers aren’t sure what might cause the increase, but it was seen regardless of age, education level, or season of the year. Source Link

Taking meals in front of the TV is a bad habit for expectant moms that could lead to health problems for their children. A study found that mothers who watch TV at mealtime can raise kids who do the same. Research has shown that youngsters who spend a lot of time in front of the TV, especially during mealtime, are at risk of becoming overweight or obese.Source Link 


How can doing the dishes lead to more marital bliss? A study of newlywed couples found that those who have similar expectations for dividing household chores are more likely to have longer-lasting marriages. Experts say it’s important to decide on household tasks during the first years of marriage to establish patterns that will last.Source Link 


The lingo of social media is making its way into the dictionary. Merriam-Webster is adding the words “hashtag” “tweep” and “selfie” to its latest Collegiate edition. Other new words getting the official nod are “crowdfunding,” “fracking,” and “turducken” - the combination dish of turkey stuffed with a duck that’s stuffed with a chicken.Source Link