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If you really want to remember something, skip the keyboard and break out the pad and pen. Testing showed that note takers in lectures who used paper instead of a laptop did better when recalling concepts. Researchers say you’re using your brain to process information when taking notes by hand, instead of simply transcribing words by typing. Source Link

Skipping meals as a diet strategy may backfire on your belly. Scientists say laboratory testing found that mice who ate fewer meals lost weight but regained it later. And the weight they gained was stored in organs around the midsection, much like belly fat in humans that’s a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. Source Link

What are the warning signs that you need medical attention after a bug bite or bee sting? Difficulty breathing, swelling of lips or dizziness mean you need emergency care, but experts say you should also look for a circular rash that spreads, or if you feel tired all the time with a headache, fever or body aches. Source Link

Does the work you do add more pounds to the scale? A study found that about half of professional and business services employees say they’ve gained weight  in their current position, including managers and non-management employees. Some say stress eating is to blame, while others say they’re too tired from work to exercise regularly. Source Link

Happy Hour at the retirement home may not be good news for your heart. Researchers found that drinking two or more alcoholic beverages daily may damage the heart for elderly people. Women were more susceptible than men to the ill effects of moderate drinking. Source Link

Reality isn’t all that catchy, so if you want more “likes” of your photos on social media, flip on the filter. An analysis of photos posted on Flickr found that those with filtering got 21-percent more views and 45-percent more comments. Warm filters were the most effective in drawing more interest in photos. Source Link

It sounds like there’s a reason why some airline food has a bland taste at 35,000 feet. A study found that airplane noise can affect your perception of taste, enhancing some flavors while dulling others. The noise reduced the taste of sweets, but increased the flavor of umami, which is found in soup, meats, cheeses and tomatoes. Source Link

Those summer getaways from work are getting shorter for many people. A survey showed that fewer workers are taking full-week vacations and many are not using all their vacation time. It’s estimated that American workers give up 169 million days of vacation per year. Source Link

For the sake of security, you might be better off not selling that old cell phone. Testing uncovered a number of older Android models that failed to completely erase personal information even after a factory reset. Researchers say the problem stems from manufacturer settings and there may be no way to ensure all data is erased. Source Link

Those empty nests made when college students are away from home might not stay empty for long. About half of college graduates surveyed say they’d move back home and pay rent, and half say they expect some financial support from parents for up to two years. Only five-percent  of parents say they would not let their child move back in with them after graduation. Source Link

Should human rights apply to all our four-legged and feathered friends too?  A Gallup Poll found that one-third of Americans believe animals should have the same rights as people. Americans are most concerned about animals in the circus, animals used in competitive sports or contests, and animals used in research. Source Link

If you’ve ever opened an app to kill some time while your kids are at the playground, you can understand this. Nearly half of parents said they felt guilty about not restricting their cellphone use while watching their kids at play. But boredom often trumped guilt and was the top reason why people reached for their phones. Source Link

Kicking the habit may be easier if you put your money where your cigarettes were. People had more success in stop-smoking program when they made a $500 deposit that would be lost if they failed. Experts say the fear of losing money was a bigger motivator than the promise of a financial bonus if smokers quit. Source Link 

So what does your diet need to help you avoid the risk of Alzheimer’s? Studies show that brain-healthy diets include a glass or two of wine per day, more green leafy vegetables, and berries rather than fruit in general. The MIND diet also includes Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, seeds, nuts, and olive oil. Source Link

Think of it as a fitness tracker for the world’s youngest consumers -- a high-tech onesie that’s wired to monitor a baby’s breathing, body movements, and sleep patterns and connect to a smartphone app. The makers of the $199 Mimo kit say it gives parents data that can help to improve feeding and sleeping schedules for babies. Source Link

It’s an easy way to prevent the most common form of cancer, but most people don’t bother with it. A new survey found that only about one-in-three women and just 14-percent of men regularly use sunscreen. To protect against skin cancer, use a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of at least 30. Source Link

If you’ve ever told a great story about yourself that wasn’t really yours, you’re not alone. Nearly half of college students questioned say they’ve borrowed an anecdote from someone else to use as their own. Some say it’s because attributing the story to another person makes it less exciting to tell the tale. Source Link

This holiday weekend is when we shop for summer, but it’s also the best time to “Think Spring” at the store. Experts say now is when you’ll find the best sale prices on closeout spring apparel. Memorial Day  is also a great time to snag a bargain on major appliances, home goods, kitchenware, and mattresses. Source Link