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Could the order in which you eat the food in a meal make a difference in your health? A study found that eating proteins and vegetables before carbohydrates led to lower insulin levels in obese patients with type 2 diabetes. Experts say it’s easier to tell someone to “eat this first” rather than “don’t eat that at all.” Source Link

 A re-write of government rules could mean overtime pay for millions more Americans. The guidelines would change to require time-and-a-half pay over 40 hours for anyone making less than $50,000 a year. Critics say the move could eliminate mid-level salaried positions if employers cut hours to meet the new guidelines. Source Link

If you’d like to use Facebook or email to stay in touch with your doctor, you’re not alone. Accessing health information this way was preferred by over half of those in a recent survey. But most medical centers discourage social media contact between doctors and patients due to privacy issues and legal concerns. Source Link

Many Americans are lying through their teeth about how they care for those pearly whites. A national survey found that 27-percent of people lie to their dentist about how often they floss. Even those who do floss don’t like it, but experts say it’s the only way to to remove plaque below the gum line where hundreds of types of bacteria can thrive. Source Link

Could raising the smoking age to 21 help to prevent the next generation from picking up the habit? A study in one city where the age was raised to 21 found that teen smoking rates dropped by nearly 50-percent. About 80 cities in eight states and the state of Hawaii restrict smoking to those who are 21 and over. Source Link

The “smart” contact lens is one step closer to reality. Google has filed a patent for packaging for the contact lens that has sensors to measure substances in human tears and uses solar power to communicate with a smartphone app. The smart lens could be used by diabetics to measure blood sugar levels. Source Link

Should learning how to save a life be a requirement for high school graduation? That’s one recommendation in a new report about preventing deaths from cardiac arrest, which kills nearly a half-million Americans each year.  Learning CPR in high school and encouraging more people to offer aid could create a “culture of action” to save more lives. Source Link

GPS navigation on your phone may soon include audio alerts about train crossings along your path. Google Maps will add rail markers to its service at the request of the Federal Railroad Commission. The agency is asking all map services to add rail crossings to make drivers more aware and reduce the risk of car-train accidents. Source Link

It’s no joke -- you can now major in Comedy in college. The new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedic Arts from Emerson College in Boston will prepare graduates for careers in comedy performance, writing and production. Classes will cover everything from sitcom production and comedy writing for latenight shows to improv and sketch comedy. Source Link

The simplest of fireworks can be one of the most dangerous for kids. Experts warn that sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees and should never be lit together as a pack. About 240 people per day are injured nationwide during July because of accidents involving fireworks. Source Link

For all the advances in the work world outside of home, women aren’t getting any more help from men when it comes to shouldering housework. A new survey found that men and women spend the same time on housework now as they did a decade ago. One place where men are doing more was in the kitchen with cooking. Source Link

What if your car could call you to say it’s being stolen? A new feature in GM’s OnStar service will call, text or email you to report if your vehicle’s theft alarm has been triggered. The OnStar service already allows operators to track the vehicle and even slow it down or shut it off if the theft alarm is activated. Source Link 

Pop quiz -- do you know how much money your spouse makes at work? A survey found that 40-percent of people got the question wrong and 10-percent missed the mark by more than $25,000. Experts say in the post-recession economy, incomes are in flux as more people are working freelance or extra jobs or don’t get regular bonuses. Source Link

Fat may no longer be public enemy number-one in an official balanced diet. It’s expected that the government’s new dietary guidelines will not recommend a daily limit on fat intake. Research has shown that a diet rich in healthy fats can be better for people, particularly if those fats help offset consumption of foods containing high levels of salt, sugar and refined grains. Source Link

Here’s when fashion can be a danger to your health. A 35-year old Australian woman ended up in the emergency room after wearing skinny jeans while helping a neighbor move. The woman spent much of the day squatting and the tight jeans caused leg swelling and nerve injury, leaving her unable to walk.  She recovered after four days of hospitalization. Source Link

A trend in baby names may make it harder to determine the boys from the girls. A report says gender-neutral names like Karter, Phoenix, Quinn and Reese are growing in popularity this year. Experts say it reflects the Millennial parent’s open-minded approach and disdain for stereotypes. Source Link

That sweet tooth for chocolate could be a healthy habit for your heart. A new study found that habitual chocolate eaters had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes. But don’t overdo it -- the sweet spot for a daily dose of chocolate was the equivalent of a standard size Hershey bar. Source Link

You can turn any TV into a computer with a new PC on a stick that’s about the size of a USB thumb drive. The $130 Lenovo Ideacentre is being pitched as an alternative to a laptop or tablet. It plugs into an HDMI port on your TV and includes WiFi, Bluetooth and enough computing power to play games, surf the Web and video chat. Source Link