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Zip-close sandwich bags are good for more than packing your lunch. Fill one with cedar chips and poke a few holes and hang it in a closet for a fresh smell, or snip off a corner to make a funnel. Zip a sandwich bag over an outdoor padlock to keep it from freezing in winter and put hardened marshmallows in a sealed sandwich bag to soften them up. Source Link 

You can use your voicemail greeting to get help when you’re stranded in winter weather and your phone battery dies. If you’re unable to reach anyone, open your phone settings and create a custom greeting with details of where you are and what’s happened. Then if someone calls and is looking for you they’ll get the information even if your phone is off. Source Link 

If you can stop smoking before you reach 45 you have a good chance to avoid cancer. Researchers found that those who kicked the habit by that age reduced their excess risk of any kind of cancer death by 87 percent. And if they stopped smoking by age 35, that excess risk of cancer death disappeared. Source Link 

Lining a hat with tin foil may not be the best look but doing the same thing with a car key might thwart a thief. A keyless fob wrapped in foil can’t be used by a nearby hacker to unlock a car when the vehicle is parked outside. Alternatives include storing key fobs in a special pouch or box that blocks radio signals or keeping your key in a microwave oven that’s not running. Source Link 

Cold season has arrived and it’s a good time to review the difference between a cold and the flu. Think “wet versus dry” because a cold usually comes with symptoms like a drippy nose and sneezing while the flu brings a dry cough. Both can hit you with achiness and fever, but the flu comes on fast while a cold takes a few days to develop. Source Link 

Why is the snooze button on an alarm clock set for nine minutes? When the feature was introduced in the 1950s the mechanics of alarm clocks made it hard to set a snooze time with two digits, so nine minutes was the next best thing. It’s been the standard ever since but you can choose a different snooze time in the settings of the clock app on your smartphone. Source Link 

Teaching kids the value of money can be fun. Try filling a two-liter bottle with dimes to show children how small amounts can add up over time. Pay them interest when they save their allowance or have a “no money” day when you enjoy free activities and don’t spend any money. Source Link 

Body slings and other baby-wearing products may put infants at higher risk for injury because parents don’t use the fabric carriers correctly. You should first practice wrapping the sling around your body using a doll or stuffed animal and then make adjustments. And having your baby in an upright position in a sling rather than cradled allows them to breathe easier. Source Link 

You’ve probably had some scratches on your eyeglass lenses and there’s a DIY way to fix that. Rinse the glasses in warm water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth and then mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water to make a paste that you gently rub onto the lenses with another clean cloth. Then use a third clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the lenses. Source Link 

Most homes have two built-in bacteria busters. The sanitize cycle on a dishwasher can disinfect pet bowls, scrub pads and some plastic kid’s toys. And using your dryer on a high heat setting for 30 minutes can wipe out microorganisms on clothing as well as germs on stuffed animals and throw blankets. Source Link 

What foods can have a long and healthy life on your shelf? Vinegars, honey, vanilla or other extracts, sugar, salt, corn syrup and molasses will last virtually forever as will white flour and white rice. Unrefined grain products like whole-wheat bread can be frozen to greatly extend their useful life. Source Link 

Staying sharper as we age could mean more shuffling cards and breaking out the board games. Researchers found that people in their 70s who regularly played board games scored higher on tests of memory and thinking skills. And those who played games were more likely to maintain thinking skills as they age. Source Link 

These simple kitchen tricks make for tastier food. Your pancakes will be fluffier when you use carbonated water in the mix and grating a hardened stick of butter will evenly distribute it into pie or dessert dough. And putting a slice of white bread in an airtight container with freshly baked cookies will keep them soft for days. Source Link 

A beeping alarm may not be the best way to wake you from sleep. Researchers found that “melodic” music -- anything you could easily sing or hum along to -- was more effective at reducing sleep inertia, the groggy feeling you can have just after waking up. It’s known that music activates certain brain regions which control attention. Source Link 

A bobby pin can do more than keep your hair neat. Use one to safely hold a nail in place as you hammer it or to replace a missing zipper tab. A bobby pin can easily pit a cherry or olive and can secure the loose end of a belt that’s just short of a pants loop. And use a bobby pin to mark the end of a roll of tape for an easy start the next time you use it. Source Link 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t sabotage it with poor food choices. Be sure to get enough protein and be careful to keep your breakfast at about 400 calories. Don’t fill up on carbs, avoid frozen breakfast meals that can be high in sodium and try fresh fruit instead of fruit juice that’s high in sugar. Source Link 

“What’s coming in the mail today?” is a question you can answer by using a free program from the Postal Service. “Informed Delivery” sends residential and post office box customers an email with digital images of the front of the envelope for items arriving that day. You can also keep track of mail when you’re away and need to know if something’s been delivered. Source Link 

Simple physics may explain why too much screen time can be bad for a child’s eyesight. Researchers found that more screen time can increase kids’ risk of nearsightedness by up to 80%. They think this happens because developing eyesight is hampered by not spending enough time looking at distant objects as you would outdoors. Source Link