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When you calculate its price per gallon printer ink is like liquid gold, so here’s how to get the most from it. Try switching font type and size -- Times New Roman is better and Arial is worse. Use Print Preview to avoid wasting ink and paper when printing a web page. And forget the warnings and replace that cartridge only when it’s completely empty and can no longer print. Source Link 

Your muscles have a need for speed that could translate into a longer life. Research showed that people with more muscle power were less likely to die earlier. Building muscle power requires strength training that emphasizes the speed of repetition along with the amount of weight and number of reps. Source Link 

The college grad in your life might like one of these gifts to help them in the work world. Try a book on time management or an organization tool like a personalized portfolio to keep paperwork in one place. And graduates who land a job in an open office might appreciate having noise canceling headphones to use at work. Source Link 

Instead of dinner and a movie, that art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Researchers say any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could also work. Source Link 

For better self-esteem, look for ways to build on your strengths instead of just fixing the weaknesses. Discover what skills make you feel the best about yourself and find activities to stimulate that. If it’s critical thinking, go to lectures or take a class. Creatives can start a new project and or can strengthen perseverance by taking on a new responsibility on a short timetable. Source Link 

Many household plastics that go into the trash could have a second life in your home. Gardeners can use yogurt cups to grow seedlings and those clear plastic containers used to package salad mix or berries can store loose items in your fridge. And an old peanut butter jar is perfect for making salad dressing or overnight oats. Source Link 

Using that smartphone or tablet as a reward for good behavior might make your kids even more addicted to a screen. Researchers found that what seems like good parenting could actually condition children to want technology even more. Kids with parents who used a device as a reward spent more time looking at screens. Source Link 

How can you avoid being shocked by what you see when you step on the bathroom scale? You can stop sneaky weight gain by evaluating your activity level and checking to see if some bad food habits have crept into your diet. Swap those low-nutrition items with more fruits and vegetables and commit to 30 minutes of exercise each day. Source Link 

If you load that toothbrush with a long stripe of toothpaste, you’re using too much. A pea-sized dollop is all you need to get the job done. Using lots of toothpaste can give you too much fluoride and that’s especially bad for youngsters whose developing teeth can become streaked or spotted. Source Link 

If you didn't get a tax refund this year, you’re doing it right. Experts say you should adjust withholding so that refund money goes to your paycheck instead of Uncle Sam. Using that extra money to pay more on a credit card bill or to invest in a 401-k is better than making a zero-interest loan to the IRS. Source Link 

Your spring cleaning can extend to the refrigerator. Now’s a good time to empty the fridge and clean all surfaces with a mixture of mild soap and water. Toss those half-empty condiments and don’t store milk, yogurt or cheeses in the door. And keep the eggs in their original container in the middle of the fridge. Source Link

Looking for a good exercise that won’t make you break a sweat? Studies have shown that Tai Chi may improve the fitness of the heart and lungs and could be as effective as jogging to help lower the risk of death. The slow, mindful movements of Tai Chi work on the sympathetic nervous system to reduce stress hormones that take a physical toll on our bodies. Source Link 

The way you talk to your young children could have a big impact on their success as adults. A study found that children between 4 and 6 years old who had frequent back-and-forth conversations with a parent became better communicators and that paid off later in life with negotiation skills that led to higher salaries. Source Link 

There’s a kitchen gadget that’s a time and money saver and is good for your health. A vacuum sealer inhibits bacteria growth and can keep foods fresh for longer. You can also use a vacuum sealer to prepare your own meal kits by combining seasonings with individual portions of an entree that can go from the freezer to the oven or grill. Source Link 

The long weekend is a favorite getaway and there are ways to save on your mini-vacation. Book your rental car as far ahead as possible to get the best rates but consider waiting to find last-minute deals on unsold hotel rooms. The same strategy might also work with an Airbnb that still has an opening a few days before you plan to leave. Source Link 

It’s good news for those who dread another season behind the lawnmower. Mowing less often is beneficial to bees and won't mean more disease-carrying ticks. The blood-sucking pests need a spot that’s fully damp every day and even a taller lawn is usually too dry to become a breeding ground for ticks. Source Link 

With every story of a big data breach, you wonder what’s the safest way to spend using plastic? The credit card is still the best because under federal law your maximum liability for fraud is just $50. With a debit card, you could have money drained directly from your bank account that’s hard to get back quickly. The safest spending choice is still old-fashioned cash. Source Link 

If you can believe what people say, dog owners are happier than cat owners. The annual General Societal Survey found that 36 percent of dog owners were very happy compared to just 18 percent of cat owners. Even those who were very happy with no pets made up a bigger percentage than the pleased feline owners. Source Link