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Here are some ways to safeguard your personal information in case of a major website hack. Consider using a master email address that’s only for recovering account information. Make sure you're not searchable by phone number on Linkedin or Facebook, and avoid sharing too much information by not using social media accounts to log in to other websites or apps. Source Link 

You need to lower your blood pressure and you can do it faster with these foods. Dark chocolate, chamomile tea, berries and olive oil for cooking are great for the heart. You can also lower your blood pressure by keeping sodium intake under 1,500 mg per day. Source Link

Not all debt is created equal. A mortgage lets you build wealth through rising home values and a student loan for an education to get a good job will pay off with much more in lifetime earnings. But debt from credit card balances you can’t pay off every month or an auto loan or lease every few years will have you spending more instead of living within your means. Source Link

Your kitchen and bathroom may be safe from tiny hands, but is your technology toddler-proofed? You can disable power buttons on laptop or desktop computers and use power strip covers to prevent accidental switch-offs. And be sure your smartphone has a good screen lock to keep a curious child from opening apps or dialing a call. Source Link 

Surveys show that holiday overeating can extend well into January but you can get back on track with these tips. Identify your food triggers and get rid of any holiday leftovers that might be tempting you. Commit to eating less and exercising more for one week and begin healthy eating not tomorrow or next week but with your next meal. Source Link 

Could a dietary supplement used to relieve joint pain also protect your heart? Researchers say glucosamine supplements may actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death. People who took glucosamine daily for one year had a 65 percent lower risk of heart-related death. Source Link

Lose all that weight. Pay off those debts. Maybe get married. These are New Year’s resolutions that experts say you should never make because they’re often impossible to achieve. Instead, you could resolve to stop drinking sugary beverages, eat out less and put that money toward credit card debt, pledge to meet new people every month or get help to overcome social anxiety. Source Link 

Facing down a vaccine shot may be easier if you crack a smile. A study found that a smile that brings up the corners of the mouth and creates crow's feet around the eyes reduced the pain of a needle injection by up to 40%.The same effect was also seen when people grimaced. Source Link

Have you tried these old school cleaning tricks? Coffee beans neutralize unpleasant odors and plain white toothpaste will polish silverware. Leaving salt to dry on a stain can remove much of it and a paste of baking soda and water can conquer burnt-on food in pots and pans. Source Link

If you’d rather not have your digital life harvested for sale by data brokers there are some steps to shut it down. Begin by making Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts private and then go to to search for data brokers that allow you to remove your information from their service. Source Link 

These classic first aid moves need some updating. Do pinch your nose but don’t tip your head back with a nosebleed because that lets the blood run down your throat. Skip the ice or butter and use cool water to treat a burn. And don’t rinse off a tooth that been knocked out. Put it in a cup of milk and take it to the dentist. Source Link 

When you want that food truck meal or party plate to taste better, take a seat. Researchers found that people who ate while standing felt that the same foods didn't taste as good as eating when sitting. They think it’s because of your body’s vestibular sense that deals with balance and posture also works with your sense of taste. Source Link 

We know about shopping bags and diapers but there are lots more things that come in reusable versions. There are reusable drinking straws, sandwich bags, drink boxes, K-cups for coffee, dryer balls, and silicone lids for food bowls. You can even get your own cloth bag for produce shopping and skip those flimsy plastic ones. Source Link 

When you’re looking to raise your credit score you should resist the urge to purge those old credit cards. Closing an unused credit card lowers your total available credit and that can hurt your rating. If you’re paying an annual fee you can ask about switching the card to a fee-free version. Source Link 

How can you put five minutes to good use to improve your mood? Try focused breathing or meditate by silently repeating a word or phrase. Five minutes of brisk movement can help too and you can recharge by unplugging all devices for five minutes and let your mind wander. Source Link 

If you’re minding that credit score there are some things that won’t ding your rating. Paying off a credit card won’t hurt but canceling one will because it reduces your total available credit. Checking your credit report or a credit check by an employer has no impact and you can’t have too many credit cards unless you carry balances that you can’t pay off each month. Source Link 

Borrowing from your local library probably includes more than just books, movies or CDs. The American Library Association lists over 200 items that cardholders can borrow for free, from air mattresses to wall art and yoga mats to yogurt makers. Plenty of tech items are on the list, including Bluetooth speakers, webcams, streaming players and even WiFi hotspots. Source Link 

You’ve heard of refinancing your mortgage, but how about the loan for that set of wheels? Auto loan refinancing may be an easy way to save money because many people don’t shop around for the best rates when buying a car. Refinancing an auto loan is much simpler than a mortgage and may take just one day to complete. Source Link