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Summertime means outdoor cookouts but be sure to have one indoor cooking tool near the grill. A meat thermometer is a must to ensure that hamburgers are fully cooked to 160 degrees. Cook poultry to 165 degrees and whole cuts of other meats and seafood should be fully cooked to 145 degrees. Source Link 

How can you put five minutes to good use to improve your mood? Try focused breathing or meditate by silently repeating a word or phrase. Five minutes of brisk movement can help too and you can recharge by unplugging all devices for five minutes and let your mind wander. Source Link 

If you’d rather not have your digital life harvested for sale by data brokers there are some steps to shut it down. Begin by making Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts private and then go to to search for data brokers that allow you to remove your information from their service. Source Link 

An early start on some of the staples of an adult diet can grow a stronger body for kids. Researchers found that children as young as six months old can eat eggs without an increased risk of allergies. And kids who drank cow’s milk between the ages of 2 and 6 grew taller than those who drank other types of milk. Source Link 

What does a healthy smile have to do with avoiding Alzheimer’s disease? In a study, people who brushed their teeth twice a day had a lower risk of the gum disease gingivitis. The bacteria that causes gingivitis was found in the brains of people who suffered from Alzheimer’s and is believed to raise the odds for the disease. Source Link

When you’re looking to raise your credit score you should resist the urge to purge those old credit cards. Closing an unused credit card lowers your total available credit and that can hurt your rating. If you’re paying an annual fee you can ask about switching the card to a fee-free version. Source Link 

Cyberbullying of kids can be hard to spot for parents but there are ways to protect your child. Regularly check their social network pages and teach kids not to share anything that could hurt or embarrass them or others. Tell them to talk to you if an online message or image makes them feel threatened or hurt. And encourage your kids to speak up if they see cyberbullying happening to someone else. Source Link 

Is fasting a healthy way to trim those extra pounds? Experts say it can be, whether you restrict the amount of time each day when you eat or use alternate-day fasting. In time-restricted eating, the body’s circadian rhythms that control hormones can help boost metabolism and reduce weight even if someone eats the same number of calories. Source Link 

You don’t need an evening class or an online course to become a more valuable employee. Focus on improving communications with the careful crafting of emails and overall attention to detail. Get more organized by using to-do apps or keeping your work area cleaner. And be a team player by reaching out to co-workers to help them when you can. Source Link 

If you’re among the half of Americans who admit to using retail therapy to cope with stress you might slow down the compulsive shopping with the “30-day rule.” Wait one month before making that impulse buy. If you still want it 30 days later, it’s probably a worthwhile purchase. Source Link 

Jogging your memory could be literally helpful. Researchers found that people who took a 15-minute run after learning a new physical skill were able to retain it better. It’s believed that the burst of physical activity from a short jog can increase brain activity and help it make new connections. Source Link 

We know about shopping bags and diapers but there are lots more things that come in reusable versions. There are reusable drinking straws, sandwich bags, drink boxes, K-cups for coffee, dryer balls, and silicone lids for food bowls. You can even get your own cloth bag for produce shopping and skip those flimsy plastic ones. Source Link 

You’ve heard of refinancing your mortgage, but how about the loan for that set of wheels? Auto loan refinancing may be an easy way to save money because many people don’t shop around for the best rates when buying a car. Refinancing an auto loan is much simpler than a mortgage and may take just one day to complete. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

Giving kids household chores can teach them to be responsible and build self-esteem. Find ones that are age-appropriate like putting away toys, making their bed, setting the table or raking leaves. Put these on a calendar with scheduled days and times and consider giving an allowance to older kids who do heavier chores. Source Link 

Borrowing from your local library probably includes more than just books, movies or CDs. The American Library Association lists over 200 items that cardholders can borrow for free, from air mattresses to wall art and yoga mats to yogurt makers. Plenty of tech items are on the list, including Bluetooth speakers, webcams, streaming players and even WiFi hotspots. Source Link 

If food makes you feel good, it's not all in your head. Nutritional psychiatry is a real thing and researchers have found that a diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce depression risk. Getting more vitamin D and folic acid may also help to ward off depression. Source Link 

A daily workout may help your teen do better work in school. Researchers found that an hour a day of moderate-to-vigorous activity may release a protein that improves brain function for better learning. There could also be benefits for teens with ADHD -- attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. Source Link