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When it comes to picking the best toothbrush, should it be an electric model or the traditional hand-operated type? It depends more on technique than technology because both can do a good job if you brush properly and long enough. An electric toothbrush might be a better choice for someone with arthritis or another condition that makes brushing difficult. Source Link 

You’ve heard of refinancing your mortgage, but how about the loan for that set of wheels? Auto loan refinancing may be an easy way to save money because many people don’t shop around for the best rates when buying a car. Refinancing an auto loan is much simpler than a mortgage and may take just one day to complete. Source Link 

When should you lock up your credit report in the deep freeze? If your Social Security number has been compromised or you’ve experienced fraudulent activity, you’re part of a data breach or you see inquiries on your credit report that you didn’t authorize. It’s also a good idea to freeze a credit report to protect an elderly or incapacitated person for whom you hold power of attorney. Source Link 

You can make this a better day on a count of three. Start by taking three deep breaths every time you sit down at your desk or step to your work spot. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and is the first step to learning meditation that can help you reduce stress. Source Link 

If you use baking powder or baking soda be sure that it's at full strength. The shelf life for an open container is about six months and you can test it. Put one teaspoon of baking powder in ⅓ cup of warm tap water or mix baking soda with two teaspoons of vinegar and both should bubble. Source Link 

Tough choices about major decisions might be easier to live with if you simply flip a coin. A study found that people who go through with their coin flip choices were living happier lives six months later. If you don’t want to flip a coin try choosing the action that represents a change rather than continuing the status quo. Source Link 

Keeping your kitchen healthy takes more than tossing out the mystery leftovers in the back of the fridge. You should change your cleaning sponge often because even microwaving it won’t kill all of the germs. And throw away a cutting board that has lots of cracks where bacteria can survive a good cleaning. Source Link 

Don’t try to get ahead of any side effects from a Covid vaccination. Taking a painkiller before getting the vaccine can decrease antibody response. Side effects are caused as the body's immune system revs up and that’s what you want to produce antibodies to blunt the virus. Source Link

Remember these steps to reduce the risk of injury in youth sports. Do warm-ups with 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic activity, followed by flexibility exercises. Make training changes gradually to avoid the risk of overuse. And don't ignore seemingly minor injuries because symptoms may last longer and also increase the risk of a more serious injury. Source Link 

Having a spare tire and jumper cables in your car is essential, but what else comes in handy during a breakdown? A roll of duct tape can temporarily repair leaks, cracks and breaks. A multi-tool is a must for the glove box and a can of WD-40 will help loosen tight lug nuts or bolts. Source Link 

So what are the bad habits that can put on more pounds? There are the obvious ones like too much fast food, plenty of snacking and mindless eating while watching TV. But not planning how much you’re going to eat at each meal is a big problem too because you can overeat long before that feeling of fullness hits you. Source Link 

Rethinking the way to create passwords can help you avoid being the victim of an online hack. Use numbers and letters and alternate upper and lower case. A personal phrase also works because it’s a combination of words and you can use the initials instead of the full word. Source Link

Planning ahead can help you put the brakes on emotional eating. Keep a food journal to understand what triggers emotional eating and be prepared with healthy snacks. You can also exercise, enjoy your favorite TV show or talk to someone instead of reaching for extra calories to help you cope. Source Link 

There are plenty of dangerous things that pets can eat besides a leftover chocolate bar or some flowers. A tiny Lego piece can also look like a treat to your dog but will be big trouble if he eats it. And be sure you don’t have any twist ties, rubber bands, cotton swabs or dental floss laying on the floor. Source Link 

Older Americans may need a refresher on using antibiotics safely. A survey found one-third of respondents mistakenly thought that antibiotics could effectively treat colds or the flu. Of those who had leftover antibiotics about two-thirds saved them for use later. You should always see a doctor and get a new antibiotic prescription if it’s needed. Source Link 

Whether it’s flooding, tornadoes, wildfires or hurricanes almost everyone could face a natural disaster and a family safety plan is a must. Pack a box with three days worth of non-perishable food and water and remember pet food. Scan valuable papers like birth certificates and store the images on a DVD or in the cloud and keep valuables like jewelry where you can grab them easily. Source Link 

Making a will isn’t enough because you also need to get your digital life in order to help your family after you’re gone. Share your account logins and other secure information with relatives by using a password manager and note any bills that are automatically paid. And pick a person to manage your social media accounts who can have them closed or maintained in memory of you. Source Link 

Old-fashioned advice may be the best way to avoid problems when cleaning your house. Researchers found that when bleach mixed with household cleaners it created airborne compounds that can linger and cause breathing problems. The answer is to always open a window to ventilate the room after you clean. Source Link