Some might think that babysitting the grandkids would drive them crazy, but in fact, the opposite may be true. A study found that taking care of grandkids one day a week helps keep grandmothers mentally sharp. But caring for grandchildren five days a week or more had some negative effects on tests of mental sharpness. Source Link


You can add some pregnant women to the list of people who can benefit from a daily aspirin regimen. A government health panel says women at risk for preeclampsia should take a low-dose aspirin every day after their first trimester. Preeclampsia is one of the more common causes of serious health problems for both the expectant mother and their baby. Source Link


If you like to use Facebook Messaging on your smartphone, you’ll soon need a separate app for that. The social network says it will remove messaging from the regular Facebook mobile application. The Facebook Messenger app has been available for some time, but many users still send and receive messages through Facebook. Source Link