There’s a warning for households that use e-cigarettes. Health officials have seen hundreds of accidental poisonings each month from liquid nicotine that’s used to refill the electronic devices. The nicotine is dangerous to drink and may also cause an overdose if spilled on the skin. Source Link


Does the early bird get the slimmer waist, too? A study found that people who were exposed to sunlight early in the day tended to weigh less. Experts say morning sunlight might affect hormones that influence appetite and help set the proper body rhythms for better sleep and a healthy metabolism to keep weight in-check. Source Link


It turns out that dogs may have a nose for their owners. Researchers found that dogs could identify the scent of a person who lives in the home when that person wasn’t present. The reaction to the personal scent triggered the reward area in the dog’s brain, just like a familiar perfume or cologne can trigger a reaction in humans. Source Link