You can easily tighten your budget by not spending money on these things. An extended warranty is rarely used, and don’t go to a gym that requires a long-term contract. Eat breakfast at home, bring your own snacks and reusable water bottle to work, look for free smartphone games and don’t pay for rental car insurance if your credit card covers you. Source Link 

Your wallet might thank you if you skip that complimentary cup of coffee during your next shopping trip. In a study, people who sipped coffee while shopping spent 50 percent more money. The caffeine in coffee leads to a higher energetic state that can make you more impulsive and less able to control your spending. Source Link

Reducing credit card debt through a consolidation loan could be a fast way to boost your credit score. Researchers found that paying down $10,000 in credit card debt boosted scores by an average of 49 points. Taking out a loan for that money does affect your rating but you'd still come out way ahead in your overall score. Source Link