The fake job opening is a scam that can cost you plenty. Bogus listings may ask you to pay something to get a job or send you a check to deposit that ends up bouncing and leaving you holding the bag. Visit a company’s website to verify job openings before you apply and search the company name along with words like, “scam” “review” or “complaint.” Source Link 

A ten-second test you can do at home might reveal your odds of living a longer life. A long-term study found that middle-aged people who couldn’t stand on one leg for 10 seconds were nearly twice as likely to die within a decade. Good balance is essential to avoid falls that can cause crippling injuries. Source Link 

An old school way to tell time might help you avoid jet lag on your next cross-country flight. A few days before leaving, start wearing a watch that’s set for your destination’s time zone. Using this throughout the day will help your brain adapt the body’s circadian rhythms to the different time before you leave. Source Link