How can you know if you’re having a “silent” heart attack that happens without any of the typical symptoms? A silent heart attack may include indigestion, feeling like you have a strained muscle in the chest or upper back, or prolonged, excessive fatigue. Diagnosis after the fact is important because having a silent heart attack increases the risk of heart failure. Source Link 

Tin foil isn’t just for cooking or leftovers. Fold a 12-inch long sheet of heavy-duty tin foil into six layers and cut with a pair of scissors to sharpen them or line an ironing board cover with tin foil to press both sides of an item at the same time. And a ball of crumpled tin foil can be used with soap and water to scrub burnt-on food from pots and pans. Source Link 

When it comes to eating, size and speed are two factors that could have you tipping the scales even more. In a study, people who were given more food ate as much as 43% more when the portion size was increased by 75%. And those who ate faster or took bigger bites also tended to eat more food. Source Link