What does it cost to build a beginner’s home gym? How about less than $100? Start with a good mat for floor work like yoga, Pilates, ab exercises and push-ups. Get a stability ball for balance work and crunches. And for strength training, pick up a resistance band and a set of hand weights. Source Link 

They’re dark purple and wrinkled and could be the perfect snack when you’re watching your weight. In one study, eating prunes helped people control appetite better to consume fewer calories and lose more weight. Nutrient-rich prunes may be better than other snacks because they can make you feel full faster. Source Link 

When it’s time to clean up your act on that laptop make sure you have the right tools to get rid of the grime. Start with short sprays of canned air to blast away crumbs or dirt in the keyboard and any dust that’s blocking the cooling vents. Then use a dry microfiber cloth to remove smudges from the screen and add a bit of water to that cloth to wipe down the case. Source Link