One important part of a good night’s sleep needs to be replaced every year or two. A pillow past its prime loses firmness and that can cause neck and shoulder pain. To test yours, hold out your arm and drape the pillow across it. If it hangs down on each side, it’s time for a new one. Source Link 

It isn’t just big loud noises that can frighten a pet. The everyday beeps and rings in your home can upset them and many pet owners misread the signs of this fear as playfulness. You can take steps to help them by changing out batteries in items such as smoke detectors more often and removing your pet from a room where loud noises often occur. Source Link 

Don’t depend on kitchen tools when you’re doling out liquid medicine. A dinner spoon or measuring set for cooking won’t be as accurate. Always use a measuring teaspoon or syringe that’s made for dispensing medicine and never try to guess at the right amount by eyeballing it. Source Link