Try these tips when your New Year’s resolution is to spend more wisely. Drop a premium cable channel or streaming service you don’t watch anymore, or eat dinner at home one more time per week or brown-bag your lunch one day a week. And look for used clothing, games, books or sports equipment before you buy new. Source Link 

If you’re waiting a long time to warm up your car before driving in cold weather, you’re wasting time and could be harming your vehicle. Waiting 30 seconds before driving is all that today’s cars need. Idling longer wastes gas and puts extra fuel into the combustion chamber, which can get into your cylinder walls. Source Link 

Meal delivery or takeout can be a convenient alternative when you want a night off from cooking but making healthy choices from an online menu can be a challenge. Avoid items that have the words “fried,” “crispy,” “creamy” or “breaded” in the name and tend to be high in saturated fat. Instead, look for terms like “baked,” “grilled,” “roasted,” and “steamed.” Source Link