What kinds of used products are a better buy? Exercise equipment, hand tools, sports gear, bikes and furniture may have plenty of life in them for a second owner. Used clothing can be a big saver even when compared to prices at a discount store and buying a used car helps you avoid the fast depreciation that happens with a new one. Source Link 

It may not pay to be that person who grabs the restaurant check with hopes of scoring rewards points on your credit card. In a survey, 70 percent of people say they’ve been stiffed at least once by fellow diners and it happens frequently to one in four people who pick up the check. Source Link 

We can all help the environment in simple ways in everyday life. Using LED bulbs, a low-flow showerhead or a smart thermostat is a good start but also think about reducing your carbon footprint. You can eat more locally-sourced foods to cut down on fossil fuel use in transportation. Source Link