Zip-close sandwich bags are good for more than packing your lunch. Fill one with cedar chips and poke a few holes and hang it in a closet for a fresh smell, or snip off a corner to make a funnel. Zip a sandwich bag over an outdoor padlock to keep it from freezing in winter and put hardened marshmallows in a sealed sandwich bag to soften them up. Source Link 

You can use your voicemail greeting to get help when you’re stranded in winter weather and your phone battery dies. If you’re unable to reach anyone, open your phone settings and create a custom greeting with details of where you are and what’s happened. Then if someone calls and is looking for you they’ll get the information even if your phone is off. Source Link 

If you can stop smoking before you reach 45 you have a good chance to avoid cancer. Researchers found that those who kicked the habit by that age reduced their excess risk of any kind of cancer death by 87 percent. And if they stopped smoking by age 35, that excess risk of cancer death disappeared. Source Link