Lining a hat with tin foil may not be the best look but doing the same thing with a car key might thwart a thief. A keyless fob wrapped in foil can’t be used by a nearby hacker to unlock a car when the vehicle is parked outside. Alternatives include storing key fobs in a special pouch or box that blocks radio signals or keeping your key in a microwave oven that’s not running. Source Link 

Cold season has arrived and it’s a good time to review the difference between a cold and the flu. Think “wet versus dry” because a cold usually comes with symptoms like a drippy nose and sneezing while the flu brings a dry cough. Both can hit you with achiness and fever, but the flu comes on fast while a cold takes a few days to develop. Source Link 

Why is the snooze button on an alarm clock set for nine minutes? When the feature was introduced in the 1950s the mechanics of alarm clocks made it hard to set a snooze time with two digits, so nine minutes was the next best thing. It’s been the standard ever since but you can choose a different snooze time in the settings of the clock app on your smartphone. Source Link