If you want to be an organ donor you need to get it in writing. Surveys show that 95 percent of people would like to be an organ donor but only about half take steps to make their wishes known. The supply of donor hearts continues to lag behind the need and most transplant recipients wait up to two years for a new heart. Source Link 

The masks that people now strap across their faces when going out in public may be putting a dent in spring allergy season. Many patients are doing better this year because they're wearing a mask when outside and spending more time indoors. A face covering can cut pollens and allergens that may enter your nose and mouth. Source Link 

Here’s a to-do list for a safer digital life. Do use strong passwords and don’t use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites. Do look for sites that require multi-factor authentication for logins and use it. And don’t share your address book with an app because that puts all your friend's information in someone else’s hands without their permission. Source Link