A headache is always a pain, but when is it an emergency? If a headache comes on suddenly and feels explosive, is accompanied by high fever or nausea, or causes slurred speech, dizziness, confusion or an inability to move one side of your body, you should call 911. Such headaches could be the sign of a stroke, a brain tumor or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Source Link 

“Taking five” during the workday could be the ticket to improved productivity. Researchers found that people who took five-minute microbreaks bounced back from morning fatigue and sharpened their skills for the rest of the day. A microbreak could be having a snack, chatting with a coworker, stopping for a stretch or doing a quick crossword puzzle. Source Link

Does it make a difference if your young child is learning to read on a tablet or with a book? A study found that e-books could interfere with a child’s comprehension but a digital book could outperform a paper version if the e-book has special enhancements like interactive features that are responsive to the child. Source Link