When it comes to an allowance for your kids remember these tips. Be clear on what the money's for, be consistent on the amount of allowance and use cash or an electronic transfer so they only spend what they have. And remember that you shouldn’t pay your child for doing household chores. Source Link 

The arrival of spring pollen season could bring more COVID cases. High pollen counts can cause inflammation that weakens the immune system’s response to viruses which cause coughs and colds, including coronavirus. If you’re not vaccinated be sure to check pollen levels daily and avoid going out whether or not you're allergic. Source Link

If that last stimulus payment is still sitting in your checking account you can put it to work for long-term savings. Pay off high-interest debt or add the money to an IRA for retirement and tax benefits. Work on building an emergency fund to cover six months of household expenses and support local businesses by buying their gift cards to give them cash now. Source Link