Identity theft isn’t just something to worry about when you’re online. A lost or stolen wallet can expose you, so limit what’s in there and never carry anything with your social security number. A mailbox with a lock can keep someone from stealing credit card offers or bank statements and shredding important papers before tossing them is an easy way to prevent identity theft. Source Link 

You probably know about thermostats and lighting but there are lots more smart devices for the home. Try a showerhead that connects to your phone to play music, a WiFi aromatherapy diffuser, a smart beauty mirror that can analyze your skin for changes and recommend products, or even a smart diaper that tracks a baby’s sleep patterns. Source Link

Are you a microwave oven power user? You are if you cook vegetables in it to retain the most nutrients or hit the “Pause” button to stir foods halfway through cooking to ensure proper heating. And you’re on top of your game if you know your microwave oven’s wattage because smaller, less-powerful units require more time to get the cooking done. Source Link