Some of the signs of depression in children and teens could be different from what’s seen in adults. You may notice more irritability and loss of interest rather than just sadness or a depressed mood. Other warning signs are problems with sleep, withdrawing from family and friends and declining school performance. Source Link 

A key reason some people remain sharp into their 80s and 90s may be that their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease. The so-called “super agers” may have genetics to thank but everyone can support brain health by avoiding high blood pressure and diabetes, getting regular exercise, eating healthfully and staying mentally and socially engaged. Source Link 

That smartwatch you’re wearing has its own security risks. Make sure that apps you use to pay with your watch are set to private and enable notifications whenever a payment is made to quickly spot any fraud. And keep your smartwatch updated to combat the latest malicious activity from hackers and trackers. Source Link