Finishing up this year’s income taxes and wondering how long you need to keep those old returns? The IRS says the average filer should keep tax returns for three years because a typical audit is a three-year lookback. But keep your W-2’s for four years and if you’re self-employed or a freelancer you should hang on to your tax records for seven years. Source Link 

Before you throw away that almost-empty container of peanut butter, honey or mayonnaise, think about ways to put it to good use. You can eat ice cream out of a peanut butter jar or make a vinaigrette salad dressing from the last of the mayo. And a nearly-empty honey bear can be the basis of a sweet dressing. Source Link

Wondering if the Wi-Fi at that hotel will be up to speed? A new iOS app called Lag aims to help create a crowdsourced list of WiFi from around the country. Similar apps include Speedcheck, HotelWiFiTest, WiFi Map and WiFi Finder. And if you frequent the same places you can keep your own records with Speedtest and web sites such as Source Link