When it comes to picking the best toothbrush, should it be an electric model or the traditional hand-operated type? It depends more on technique than technology because both can do a good job if you brush properly and long enough. An electric toothbrush might be a better choice for someone with arthritis or another condition that makes brushing difficult. Source Link 

You’ve heard of refinancing your mortgage, but how about the loan for that set of wheels? Auto loan refinancing may be an easy way to save money because many people don’t shop around for the best rates when buying a car. Refinancing an auto loan is much simpler than a mortgage and may take just one day to complete. Source Link 

When should you lock up your credit report in the deep freeze? If your Social Security number has been compromised or you’ve experienced fraudulent activity, you’re part of a data breach or you see inquiries on your credit report that you didn’t authorize. It’s also a good idea to freeze a credit report to protect an elderly or incapacitated person for whom you hold power of attorney. Source Link