Who says the tools to improve your health have to carry a price tag? Meditating to reduce stress and improve sleep is free, and you’ll find plenty of free workout videos on YouTube. You can improve your mental health with a pen and paper by journaling and swapping water for soda is more healthy and will save you money. Source Link 

Loss of smell is a symptom of Covid-19, but there are a number of other possible causes. A nasal or sinus inflammation, allergies or another viral infection could be to blame. If it is Covid it might be one of the milder symptoms seen in people who don’t need to be hospitalized, but your sense of smell could take weeks or even months to return. Source Link

Will the new year bring an end to some old favorites in home decorating? Real estate experts think the Modern Farmhouse look is on its way out along with white-on-white kitchens. Classic tile patterns are also getting the thumbs-down and gray tones for paint are too bland for buyers looking for something to catch their eye in an online home search. Source Link