Just like in humans, there are warning signs you can spot when your dog is sick. Unexpected accidents indoors could be a sign of kidney failure or diabetes, and too much tail-chasing might be caused by an ear infection. And labored breathing can be a symptom of heartworm disease. Source Link 

Want to add more fruit to your diet conveniently without stocking-up in the Produce section? Dried fruit can help because it’s portable, shelf-stable, and may even be cheaper than fresh. Just be sure to watch your portions and choose unsweetened dried fruit without added sugar. Source Link

Outdoor meet-ups with social distancing in winter require the right gear to keep the visit warm and cozy. Bring along a blanket, cushion or pad to sit on, stay hydrated but not with alcohol and bring snacks that are high in fat, calories and protein to generate more internal body heat. And dress like an onion with layers of clothing that can wick away moisture and insulate, plus a warm coat with a hood. Source Link