Breakfast gets all the glory but lunch sets the stage for dinner and there are ways to do the mid-day meal right. You can graze with handfuls of raw vegetables, a few hard boiled eggs and popcorn, or go for takeout with lean chicken, fish, and black beans but no buns or shells. Or you can make an extra portion of dinner the night before and pack that for today’s lunch. Source Link 

You can make some key kitchen tools last longer with a little extra care. Don’t use chemical cleaners on a stove top -- baking soda and a damp cloth is safer. Running your microwave oven when it’s empty creates an energy overload inside that could kill it in just 10 seconds. And cooking spray can ruin non-stick pans. Instead, use whole fats like butter or oil. Source Link 

If Amazon is your go-to place for online shopping there are some easy ways to save more. Amazon’s own credit cards offer up to 5 percent cash back on Amazon purchases and browser extensions like Honey, Capital One Shopping and CamelCamelCamel can track prices for comparison shopping. And subscribing to purchase some items from Amazon might save you up to 15 percent. Source Link