Household dangers for pets go beyond that leftover chocolate bar and certain flowers. Experts say a tiny Lego piece can also look like a treat to your dog but will be big trouble if he eats it. And be sure you don’t have any twist ties, rubber bands, cotton swabs or dental floss laying on the floor. Source Link 

During a hectic workday, it’s easy to choose not-so-healthy snacks but there are some superfoods that are perfect for the office. Green tea is a healthier choice than coffee for that caffeine boost and snacking on seasonal fruits can keep your energy levels up. Yogurt is great to combat that mid-afternoon slump and stay hydrated all day with plenty of water. Source Link 

Whether it’s baking bread, learning to play guitar or doing more DIY projects around the house, most of us are finding new ways to escape the harsh realities of the pandemic. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say shutdowns are giving them more time to escape into hobbies or tackle odd jobs. And three-quarters say that’s one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dreary year. Source Link