You can make the most of house hunting when you go off the beaten path during an open house. Head for the basement to look for obvious signs of dampness or aging HVAC equipment or take a walk around the block to see what the neighborhood is like. And don’t be fooled by expert staging or distracted by the pleasant smell of fresh-baked cookies. Source Link 

Here are some things to remember if your dog will be joining you on a car vacation. Get them used to a harness or crate before you leave and just like kids they should always be strapped in and get a potty break every few hours. And bring along something familiar from home that will help ease any separation anxiety when they’re staying in a strange place. Source Link 

One of America’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailers is going head-to-head with Amazon for a two-day online sale next week. Target is planning its “Deal Days” on the same Prime Day sales days for Amazon on July 15th and 16th. Even eBay is getting in on the sales frenzy with a one day of online specials on the 15th. Source Link