Be prepared to keep kids safe during your next visit to a pool or beach. Have towels and sunscreen nearby before your child enters the water so you won’t have to walk away to get them. And for children who don’t know how to swim, trade those floaties for a properly-fitted life vest. Source Link 

How much time in the great outdoors do you need to improve your health? Try two hours a week. A study found that people who spent two hours a week outdoors reported better physical health and mental well-being. Most people got their outdoor time within two miles of home so a trip to a local park might be just the thing. Source Link 

If you want that food truck meal or party plate to taste better, take a seat. Researchers found that people who ate while standing felt that the same foods didn't taste as good as eating when sitting. They think it’s because your body’s vestibular sense that deals with balance and posture also works with your sense of taste. Source Link