For older adults, weight training is more about building bones than bigger muscles. The body’s natural system of renewing bone mass slows down as we age and that can lead to osteoporosis. Resistance training with weights or bands stimulates the development of bone and uses more blood sugar, which can be a bonus for people with type 2 diabetes. Source Link 

What are the health benefits of owning a dog? We know that walking a dog is a good exercise but make sure you're doing it enough to benefit both you and your pooch. The unconditional love from a dog can also boost your emotional health and bringing a dog to work can reduce stress and help build better bonds between co-workers. Source Link 

If your weight loss plan doesn’t include a cup of Joe, maybe it should. New research found that drinking coffee stimulates the body's brown fat that generates heat and literally burns calories. The next step is determining what in coffee stimulates brown fat and if that can be replicated with something like a caffeine supplement. Source Link