If there’s a DIY painting project on your to-do list, remember these tips to get the job done right. Start with a pint of paint to see if you like the color on your walls and then buy the best paint to get quality coverage that will last longer. And have the primer tinted to match your color and you’ll need only one coat of paint. Source Link 

Achieving personal goals may be easier if you approach the challenge in a new way. Consistently working toward a goal in a specific way every day helps your brain turn it into a habit. And setting and achieving small goals triggers your brain to release “feel good” chemicals that will encourage you to stay the course. Source Link 

Should you turn off the tunes when you’re trying to create? Testing showed that listening to music significantly impaired verbal creativity. The sound of a library was no problem but songs with words and instrumental music were bad and the worst was listening to a song with familiar lyrics. Researchers say music can interfere with the brain’s verbal memory. Source Link