You want unique and strong passwords for online accounts, but how can you remember all of them? Your web browser will help by storing those passwords and inserting them automatically when you visit a site. Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome let you access those passwords on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Source Link 

The sports physical is a summer ritual for parents of young athletes and where it’s done is important. Experts say the best choice is a primary care physician who knows your child’s history and can start discussions about health, diet and physical activity. A sports physical can also uncover any family history of illness like a heart condition that could affect the child. Source Link 

Should being right or left-handed determine how you’re treated for mental conditions? New research shows that long-held assumptions about how the brain works may be flipped in left-handed people. The conventional wisdom is that the left side of the brain controls happiness, pride and anger while the right side manages emotions like disgust and fear. Source Link