Budgeting your personal finances can be easier if you stick to the 50/20/30 rule. Half of your income goes to essentials like food, housing, utilities and transportation and 20 percent is for savings. The other 30 percent covers expenses that are personal choices like your cell phone plan, gym membership, or dining out with friends. Source Link 

What food is high in protein and fiber and loaded with good fats? Nuts are a natural hunger-buster as a handy snack. Just watch the portion and limit yourself to about 10 or 12 peanuts, walnuts or pistachios and you’ll stay around 100 calories. Source Link 

When you need a vaccination but don’t have time for an office visit your local pharmacy may be able to help. Common adult vaccinations for the flu, pneumonia and shingles are often available from a pharmacist and no appointment is needed. Just be sure that the pharmacy reports the vaccination to your doctor and the state health department. Source Link