Want to enjoy a few adult beverages with less chance of a hangover? Go clear and don’t go cheap. Dark-colored alcoholic beverages like red wine, brandy and whiskey are higher in compounds called congeners that are harder for the body to process. And low-cost liquors have more congeners because they are distilled less than the pricier labels. Source Link 

It’s a classic question -- should I leave my computer on 24-7? A daily shutdown could do more harm than good for an older computer because of the physical stress on components during a restart and hibernating causes more stress than sleeping. If you do a restart, be sure to follow the proper steps and don’t just switch the power off and on again. Source Link 

If a home move is in your plans soon, try these tips to save time and money. Begin culling household items you rarely use and pack room by room ending with the kitchen. Look into more affordable alternatives like using a container to ship your goods and schedule your move for mid-month to avoid the end-of-month rush and higher prices. Source Link