Gardening is a form of exercise and here’s how to avoid injury when you’re planting and pruning. Try some stretching to loosen joints before you start and to avoid staying in the same position too long. If you’re moving rocks or other heavy objects be sure to lift with your legs and use a garden stool to reduce the strain from kneeling. Source Link 

Take care to avoid these things that can shorten the battery life of your smartphone. Using vibration for calls and notifications, giving location permission to apps that don’t need it and not using auto-brightness for your screen can drain a battery faster. And leaving your phone under your pillow at night or out in the sun can cause it to overheat and damage the battery. Source Link 

If every meal seems like a race to clean your plate, try these tips to slow down. Eating with your non-dominant hand can help and set down your fork for 10 seconds between each bite. And use smaller plates and bowls that empty faster to make it look like you’re full even when you’ve eaten less. Source Link