Keeping air travel safe for your pet begins long before the plane leaves the ground. If your dog or cat is traveling in cargo, get them acclimated to the kennel they’ll be staying in to avoid injuries from biting or scratching at the cage. Stop solid food at least six hours before the flight and consult with your vet before giving pets any sedatives. Source Link 

You may not have to hit the gym during the workweek if you’re active on the weekend. Researchers found that those who exercised one or two days a week had the same life span as those who exercised more often. If you’re getting at least 3 hours of moderate to vigorous activity each week it may not matter if you spread it out over seven days. Source Link 

It’s time to wake up and debunk some common myths about sleeping. A drink won’t help you sleep better and your body can’t function well on just five hours of sleep a night. And don’t assume that snoring is no big deal. Snoring that stops abruptly could be a sign of apnea that happens when throat passages close and you stop breathing. Source Link