What’s in your ears can help you get better sleep. Meditation using a mobile app can help ease you into slumber and get you back to sleep if you wake up overnight. And research has shown that listening to nature sounds can trigger a relaxation response in the brain to help you get to sleep. Source Link 

The antidote to being cooped up in an office may be to bring the outdoors inside. Surrounding yourself with natural things like plants and getting more sunlight can boost your mood and job satisfaction and could be a buffer to stress. Even a screensaver with nature photos might give you some of the benefits of the outdoor experience. Source Link 

Where there’s a will, there’s a better way to protect your family and make sure your wishes are carried out when it comes to guardianship for children or how to give away your possessions. Review your will annually and after big life events like a divorce or when children become adults. And consider a living will that lists the care you do or don’t want if you become seriously ill. Source Link