Be sure to mind these rules of the sky if you want to be a good fellow passenger on your next flight. The middle seat gets both armrests, don’t recline in economy seats and don’t grab the back of seats while walking down the aisle. And stand up when someone needs to get past you and into the aisle. Source Link 

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that can make your workday more productive. For example, don’t load up that daily must-do list -- keep it to five items. Don’t skip breaks that can help you stay on track mentally. And don’t be afraid to schedule downtime every day when you can think big without a deadline. Source Link 

A fitness tracker can be an investment in better health but be sure to pick one that works for you. Read reviews and find one that’s best for walking, running, swimming or cycling. If there’s a health app on your smartphone you could already have a baseline to measure against the readings from a new tracker. Source Link