Drinking too many calories is a problem for some people who try to watch their weight. Start by making water, black coffee or tea your default drink. Beware of any beverage that gets most of its calories from sweeteners, whether real or artificial and keep smoothies to the smallest size with only non-fat yogurt or milk and real fruit but no added sugar. Source Link 

Grocery shopping by color can be your first step toward a healthier heart. Choose foods with lots of color by starting in the produce section to stock up on a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables. And avoid white in bread, potatoes and rice and check labels for added salt and sugar that can be found in many processed foods. Source Link 

Don’t get fooled by these car care tips that could hit you hard in the pocketbook. Overfilling your tires won’t improve mileage but will give you a rougher ride and wear out the tires sooner. And don’t drive with less than a quarter-tank of gas because it makes your fuel pump work harder and wear out faster and replacing it could cost up to $700. Source Link