You can raise kids who are smart about money by starting early. Point out prices on a menu or on sales receipts at the supermarket and explain the costs of living like paying for a house, a car, and utilities. And use that magic word “no” to teach budgeting and demonstrate the difference between wants and needs. Source Link 

Staying light on your feet could keep your body in shape and brain sharp as you age. Studies have shown that physical activity like dancing helped people remain independent as they age. Dancing requires balance, strength, endurance, concentration and memory for choreography and all of that can be good for mind and body. Source Link 

Need a plan to manage credit card debt and boost your credit score? Pay those bills early and often. Don’t go over 30 percent of your total credit limit at any time even if you pay the full balance each month. Instead, make several smaller payments throughout the month and don’t close unused cards because that can hurt your credit score. Source Link