Learning skills to manage money can be fun and games for kids. Playing games like Monopoly or chess can teach your child to plan ahead and play to win. And if there’s a Fortnite fan in your family give them an allowance for in-game purchases to help them learn how to budget their spending. Source Link 

It’s not just those midnight feedings that are to blame for new parents losing sleep. A study found that sleep disruption for parents can last for up to six years including the occasional sleepless night worrying about childcare issues. The best advice for young parents to stay rested is to catch a nap at the same time your child does. Source Link 

Instead of dinner and a movie, that art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Researchers say any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could also work. Source Link