Fast food meals have gotten bigger and saltier in the past 30 years and we’re heavier for it. A study looking back to 1986 found that today’s average fast food entree has 27 percent more calories and 50 percent more sodium. And new calorie-heavy side dishes and more desserts are boosting ticket orders and expanding our waistlines. Source Link 

Frozen vegetables can be as tasty as fresh and easy to use when you remember these tips. Be careful not to overcook and try defrosting frozen vegetables in a colander under cold running water instead of using a microwave. You can add vegetables directly from the freezer in soups, stews and chilis and in that breakfast smoothie. Source Link 

Now's the time to think about preparing your kids to handle allergies during summer camp. Consult with your allergist who can provide a care plan to share with the camp and teach your child to advocate for themselves and watch for food allergens. If your child suffers from asthma or food allergies, consider sending them to a camp that specializes in these conditions. Source Link